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Jan, 2012

Mobile Now the Majority of Service Provider Revenue

Posted by IVR Technologies, Inc. | Convergent Billing - VAS

Mobile services are crucial for communications service providers and other business partners in the communications ecosystem because of the growing dominance of mobile revenues. According to Ofcom, mobile service revenues now represent the majority of revenues in many countries.

Already above 50 percent, mobile revenues now are approaching 60 percent of total.

By some measures, service providers now make nearly as much money from mobile broadband services as they do from fixed broadband. Ofcom analysis

Over time, mobile broadband is likely to become even more important, if for no other reason than that mobile broadband is sold on a per-device, nearly a per-user basis, while fixed broadband is sold per household.

Granted, fixed mobile connections generate more revenue per line. But mobile units will outnumber fixed connections by such a margin that aggregate revenue will continue to shift in the direction of mobile services.

Source: Carrier Evolution

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January 18, 2012
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