Real-Time Billing

Subscriber billing and online charging is critical to the successful operation of a communication service provider’s network, without it you are a charity.  With more and more services whether voice, data or text, they are being consumed in real-time by multiple devices and shared billing plans.  Adding real-time VoIP & mobile billing (prepaid and/or credit limited) ensures that the subscriber can consume the amount of service they have paid for without balance overruns and account receivable collection issues.  Fraud prevention and the overall financial health of the business is greatly improved when real-time VoIP & mobile billing is enabled.

With over two decades of experience in developing real-time VoIP & mobile billing solutions, IVR Technologies and our Talking SIP solution provides one of the most comprehensive and tightly integrated, real-time VoIP & mobile billing solutions available in the market today.  It is not simply enough to decrement an account balance after services are consumed, the communication service provider must be able to build creative and highly flexible billing plans based on subscriber demographics and needs such as parent/child shared family billing, enterprise or consumer packages, or dynamic pricing.

Talking SIP’s deep history in real-time VoIP & mobile billing is highlighted in the many different billing types, plans and bundles it supports. Real-time voice, data and SMS online charging features include multi-tiered rating, packaged bundles across any service type, single account for bundled services, prepaid/postpaid/credit limited billing, surcharges, unlimited rate plans and rate schedules, e-commerce, daily/weekly/monthly service charging, auto account top up, daily/weekly/monthly credit caps and so much more.