Mobile Operators

In today’s highly competitive mobile market, differentiation of services is vital to the success of the operator.  It is no longer a viable business plan to show up with “me to” service offerings and compete solely on price.  Successful mobile brands are ones that have achieved excellence in their respective market niche.  This success comes from specializing in native language customer support services, adding international calling plans, multi-IMSI roaming SIM services for the business and frequent traveler, and through single portal access for subscriber self-management.

Talking SIP empowers the MVNA, MVNE and MVNO to excel in all areas of their telecom offerings with a platform that converges mobile and VoIP. This significant level of convergence positions the mobile operator to provide a complete suite of mobile voice, data and text services along with compelling VoIP services for redundancy and cost reduction.

With Talking SIP’s tightly integrated real-time billing & OCS capabilities mobile virtual network aggregators, enablers and operators are able to build creative and competitive service bundles, flexible billing plans and shared family/corporate plans.   As a further advantage Talking SIP includes flexible routing capabilities so that traffic can be routed on-net and/or off-net in the most cost effective manner possible.