VoIP Operators

In the early days VoIP was all about the potential for cost savings and new service ideas were burgeoning. Today, VOIP offers significant savings to both the enterprise and consumer not only in cost, but also convenience as VoIP seems to be integrated into everything. Whether making a call from an office PBX, home phone, smartphone or desktop, options exist for calls to be routed over broadband, Wi-Fi and 3G data connections. This in turn has driven the costs for making both domestic and international calls to virtually zero forcing the communication service provider to think very hard as to how to rebuild margins and differentiate themselves in the market so that they can provide much more value than just a low price.

Talking SIP delivers a robust suite of value-added services for VoIP operators providing them with the ability to differentiate themselves in the market so that they are not competing solely on price, and it also allows for cross-service subsidies. With consumer applications ranging from smartphone applications, VoBB/OTT services, callback services, PIN/PINLESS prepaid calling card services along with enterprise apps ranging from call center, PBX and VoIP conferencing positions the VoIP operator for success.

In addition to driving VoIP operator revenues through in-demand services, Talking SIP delivers a robust and fully branded subscriber web portal for subscriber account self-management, account signup, account recharge, International Mobile Top Up (IMTU) and more.  By putting the subscriber in full control of their VoIP services and account management Talking SIP helps VoIP operators provide a better end-customer service experience on an anytime/anywhere basis all while reducing their network operation costs.