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Oct, 2009

VoIP enhanced telephony services drove nearly $20.7 billion in revenues during the first six months of 2009

Posted by IVR Technologies, Inc. | Convergent Billing - VAS

Next-generation service providers take note; according to Infonetics Research ( recently released biannual VoIP and UC Services and Subscribers report, VoIP enhanced telephony services drove nearly $20.7 billion in revenues during the first six months of 2009. 


Infonetics' report is further support and validation of our position that next-generation service providers must offer in-demand services that help differentiate themselves from the competition and build back the margins that have been eroded by excessive competition in their traditional termination side of the business in order to not only survive, but thrive, in today's marketplace.  No longer is it adequate to offer “me too” services with low price points, today value must be driven by satisfying consumer and/or business customers' communications needs with a consolidated, empowering and cohesive service offering. 


Services that offer a compelling reason to migrate to VoIP and that drive long term customer relationships and loyalty are those that make communicating more convenient, more effective, and more intimate.  Services such as selective call forwarding and/or call blocking by time of day or day of week scheduling, Find Me/Follow Me services that can ring multiple phones simultaneously or sequentially, voicemail to email and voicemail to text message transcription, high definition audio for point-to-point calling and conferencing, as well as corporate auto-attendants are all great examples of services that are deployable today and that help service providers build their subscriber base, increase and diversify their revenues, and drive margin and profits despite today's uncertain economic times and highly competitive landscape. 


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