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IVR Contact Information
At IVR Technologies, Inc. we acknowledge that our growth as a company can only be achieved by being open and responsive to our customers, partners and value added resellers. We appreciate your interest in our company and/or our products and welcome any feedback, questions or suggestions that you may have.

Contact Information

IVR Technologies Corporate Headquarters:

555 West Fifth Street
31st Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90013

Tel: +1.866.856.0301 (Toll Free U.S. and Canada)
+1.213.634.1522 (Direct)

Facsimile: +1.866.856.0302 (Toll Free U.S. and Canada) +1.310.943.2722 (Direct)

IVR Technologies Public Relations:

+1.866.856.0305 (Toll free US & Canada)
+1.213.634.1522 (Direct)

IVR Technologies Sales & Administration:

+1.866.856.0301 (Toll free US & Canada)
+1.213.634.1522 (Direct)

Fax: +1.866.856.0302 (Toll free US & Canada)
+1.310.943.2722 (Direct)

IVR Technologies Technical Support:

+1.866.856.0303 (Toll free US & Canada)
+1.213.634.1523 (Direct)