Talking SIP

SIP Application
Talking SIP™ is an advanced software solution for next generation SIP based networks bringing the network to life. Communicating directly with industry leading softswitches, gateways, IADs and IP phones, Talking SIP™ functions as a fully integrated application, media and billing server, providing leading, in-demand enhanced service applications to the network along with real-time prepaid, postpaid and multi-level billing models with real-time call cut off and billing.

Add On Modules

The following is a list of add on modules that enhance the value of the Talking SIP™ solution:

Advertising Module

The Advertising Module is used in conjunction with the Debit Module to allow advertising/content messages to be streamed to callers, using a third party Advertising (or In-Call Media) Server like Voodoovox,as an additional source of revenue and/or to subsidize calling for end subscribers to encourage usage and/or to help provider’s remain competitive.

Callback Add-in for Microsoft® Office Outlook®

The Callback Add-in for Microsoft® Office Outlook® gives service providers the ability to drive additional revenue and traffic to their networks by offering their subscribers an easy and cost-effective way to trigger callback calls directly from Microsoft Office Outlook. Users simply right click on a contact and select the destination number they wish to call and the callback call is triggered.

Callback Module

The Callback Module provides callback services to Talking SIP™ to capitalize on cost disparities between two regions where it is cheaper to call from A to B than it is to call from B to A. A caller dials a shared or dedicated access number and then hangs up after a certain number of rings before incurring any toll charges. The system authenticates the caller based on the incoming ANI or the dialed number and then calls the caller back at a preset telephone number or from where the initiating call was placed. Once the caller answers he/she is prompted for their destination number and is connected to their desired party. Callback requests may be configured by a multitude of ways such as an inbound call, a web page, an e-mail message, an SMS message, a click to call link, as well as by a simple but secure API.

Conference Module

The Conference Module is an optional module that brings reservation-based and reservation-less conferencing to Talking SIP™. Conferencing helps to bring friends, family, colleagues, partners, suppliers and customers together by bridging time zones and geographic boundaries in a timely, natural and convenient manner. When face-to-face collaboration and communication is just not feasible, Conferencing provides a great alternative that drives inbound revenue and increases profit margins while cultivating customer loyalty and increasing subscriber retention.

Whether you are launching a conference-specific service or offering it as a value add to another service such as calling card or voice mail, Talking SIP’s conferencing services are market-ready and packed full of advanced conferencing features and third-party control. Talking SIP’s conferencing engine supports reservation and reservation-less based conferences with partitioned billing, moderator or peer modes, participant limits, custom branding, custom on-hold music and several announcement and departure notifications. Integrated into the Callback features of Talking SIP and with powerful database and web hooks it supports the creation of web based conferencing portals and conference management to allow attendees to be pulled into a conference automatically or by calling a shared or specific access number into the conference. Talking SIP’s real-time billing engine is tightly integrated into conferencing to provide the ability to set up free conferences or bill for them based on a flat rate, a per minute rate or a varying rate over the length of the conference.

Conferencing is a prime example of how Talking SIP can let you leverage the solution to draw subscribers into an inbound only service that can help subsidize other more competitive services like calling card.

Credit Card Verification Server

The Online Credit Card Module allows account balances to be monitored for prepaid debit cardholders. After an account passes a certain threshold the caller is provided with the choice of having their account recharged online and in real time via a credit card. This module offers great convenience to the cardholder and generates revenue on the platform without requiring costly human intervention. This Add-on module may also be integrated into the Credit Card Recharge module as well as the optional end user web interface. The Credit Card Recharge module allows callers the flexibility and convenience of being able to recharge their prepaid (debit) accounts using a credit card and a touch tone telephone. This self service recharge mechanism helps to increase customer retention by allowing customers the convenience of being able to recharge their existing account while also being able to control when their account is recharged and by how much. By avoiding having customer service representatives manually process recharges, the self service nature of this module also helps to reduce support cost.

End User Web Interface

The End User Web Interface provides HTML-based account management where empowerment is the key. By empowering end-users with the flexibility to view account balances, check messages, review call histories and recharge their accounts, there are fewer resources needed to service the customer. Customer satisfaction is also improved as end-users appreciate the convenience of being able to review their accounts from any web browser, on any platform, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Through the web interface, service providers can significantly reduce their overheads by offloading tasks historically performed by costly customer service representatives to the end customer. The end customer welcomes the opportunity to self manage his account because of the new found flexibility and convenience of being able to access account information whenever and wherever he desires. Provide your customers the power and convenience to subscribe for service and manage their accounts from a personal computer or web café from anywhere around the world. Extend the reach of your operation and the footprint of your network with the End User Web Interface for Talking SIP™ today.

End User Web Interface Source Code

Carriers who wish to integrate the end-user web facilities directly into their own web properties can do so by licensing our optional end-user web interface source code.

Find Me Module

The Find Me Module, also referred to as One Number Locator, Follow-Me or Simultaneous Ring, is an optional module that provides the convenience of a single telephone number for callers to use to reach subscribers where Talking SIP will automatically call multiple phones simultaneously (e.g. to simulate a PBX hunt group) or sequentially (e.g. office, then mobile, and then voice mail) to connect them. Custom branding, access and answer passwords, custom ring tones, call screening, on-hold music and destination specific timeouts are just some of the amazing features of this module.

Hosted Call Center

The Hosted Call Center Module is an optional add-on module to the Find Me Module that brings sophisticated call queuing, skills based agent routing, queue escalation, custom hold music as well as agent auditing and reporting. Seamlessly integrated into the other enhanced services of Talking SIP, this module's features include caller queue position and estimated hold time announcements, integration into the Voice Mail and PBX Module to provide callers with the option to leave a message, callback integration to allow caller’s to receive a callback call from the next available agent, custom branding, full audiotext menu trees for custom queue selection criteria, whisper notification on call agent answer, telephony and web interfaces for agent status management and is fully integrated with Talking SIP’s real-time billing engine for complete billing capabilities, and much more! The Hosted Call Center Module is designed from the ground up to support an unlimited number of call centers and/or agents. The Hosted Call Center Module is ideal for the next-generation VoIP service provider that is interested in capturing high-margin revenues through advanced business-to-consumer services.

Intelligent E-mail Agent

The Intelligent E-mail Agent allows system reports such as traffic analysis, call summaries or billing records to be extracted from Talking SIP™ and automatically e-mailed at predefined intervals. System administrators can also use this agent to execute stored procedures or custom SQL statements to assist in the maintenance of the network and/or database. All tasks and reports can be scheduled on a daily, weekly, monthly or an explicit date for a given period of time.

Registration and Location Services Module

The Registration and Location Services Module makes it possible to register and locate any SIP devices (IADs, IP Phones, Softphones, etc.) directly with Talking SIP for authentication and on-net/off-net call routing, provisioning and automated customer signup. The Registration and Location Services Module, when coupled with our End-user Web interface and e-commerce options, truly makes Talking SIP an unbeatable solution for deploying next-generation services in any SIP-enabled network.

Reminder Module

The Reminder Module provides appointment, reminder and wake-up services to Talking SIP™. Once authenticated the caller is prompted for the type of reminder they would like to create or the system can be configured to automatically select a particular reminder type (e.g. wake-up). The caller is prompted for the desired reminder time, which is confirmed and then the call is disconnected. When the reminder's date and time arrives Talking SIP™ places an outbound call to deliver the message -- if the message cannot be delivered the system will automatically re-queue it for later delivery.

Report Designer

Talking SIP ships standard with 136 graphical and tabular reports. We also offer an optional Report Designer that is fully integrated into the solution. With the Report Designer any report in the system can be modified and/or new reports created.

Scripting Language

Talking SIP offers turnkey applications and provides an optional scripting language, with application source code, that can be used to modify existing applications, or create wholly new applications to suit exacting requirements. The scripting language supports multiple tools for third-party development and integration.

Smartphone Applications

Today's mobile calling plans provide for economical local and domestic calls, but international long distance calling is still prohibitively expensive - especially when roaming. Unfortunately, more cost-effective solutions for mobile users such as calling cards and fixed-mobile convergence are cumbersome and protract the calling process. Now there are IVR Technologies' Smartphone applications, available on leading smartphone platforms, to provide a simple and straightforward way for mobile users to make long distance calls through your network, realizing significant cost savings while at the same time driving additional revenue and traffic to it.

Trunking Module

Utilizing Talking SIP’s carrier grade and field proven tandem switching ability, the Trunking Module is offered as a stand-alone solution, thus significantly reducing the cost of ownership and providing an unmatched return on investment (ROI). The Trunking Module enables next-generation Internet Telephony Service Providers (ITSPs) the opportunity to provide Class 4 switching and termination services to the enterprise market at a much more cost-effective rate. Enterprise customers are now realizing the phenomenal cost-savings, flexibility, efficiency, and reliability that SIP Trunking offers their businesses and Talking SIP™’s Trunking Module enables next-generation service providers to capitalize on this rapidly growing market opportunity.

The Trunking Module offers real-time authentication, authorization, routing and billing to allow providers the flexibility to service a broad range of customers with the peace of mind that real-time safeguards are in place to combat fraud, eliminate receivables and minimize exposure with a solution that is field-proven, reliable, and scalable.

Voice Mail and PBX Module

The Voice Mail and PBX Module is an optional module that brings voice mail, PBX/MBX, autoattendant (ACD) and audio-text services to Talking SIP. Seamlessly integrated into the other enhanced services, this module's features include distribution lists, message delivery to mailboxes, e-mail addresses and telephone numbers, support for message waiting indication and stutter dial-tone, directory dialing by first name and/or last name, auto-forwarding, auto-carbon copying, partitioning, toll saver mode, handsfree message retrieval, message callback, classes of service, optional unified messaging, distributed or centralized message storage, and unlimited time of day/day of week greetings to help service providers drive additional revenue to their network while reducing customer churn.