Customer Testimonials

SIP Application
Talking SIP™ is an advanced software solution for next generation SIP based networks bringing the network to life. Communicating directly with industry leading softswitches, gateways, IADs and IP phones, Talking SIP™ functions as a fully integrated application, media and billing server, providing leading, in-demand enhanced service applications to the network along with real-time prepaid, postpaid and multi-level billing models with real-time call cut off and billing.

Globecomm Network Service Corp. (GNSC)

"IVR Technologies' Talking SIP server has been a phenomenal billing platform for Globecomm Network Service Corp. (GNSC). Our primary business is voice wholesale to Middle East countries. Originally we were looking at Talking SIP for a prepaid calling card service. GNSC had been using a billing platform that was antiquated for its wholesale service and was planning to continue to use the platform; however maintenance of the old billing platform came to a head and therefore GNSC fully migrated over to the Talking SIP system.

The Talking SIP system is currently handling 3,000,000 minutes per month with more room to grow. It has helped GNSC consolidate its voice billing system into a single platform for both prepaid and wholesale service. Talking SIP is remarkably scalable and redundant. For a system of its price, the Talking SIP system has remarkable features - features that other billing systems will charge as options.

The most important aspect of IVR Technologies is its customer support. They are both very responsive and very quick to help. The level of after sales service and the capabilities of Talking SIP is enabling GNSC to look for larger markets knowing that the back-end system is ready to cope with the increase work load." Gary Lim, Globecomm Network Service Corp. (GNSC)

IPX Voice Ltd.

"IPX Voice Ltd. is a leading solutions provider to Next Generation Telcos in the EMEA region. IPX Voice offers as part of its range of solutions and services, a SIP based hosted service that provides origination and termination services as well as value added applications to next-generation carriers in the EMEA region. IPX Voice chose to standardize on the industry leading IVR Technologies Talking SIP platform based on its rich and extensive set of turn key applications and flexible billing models.

Our experience with IVR Technologies from both a pre and post sales perspective has been fantastic. Their knowledgeable technical and sales staff provides timely and accurate responses to our commercial and technical questions playing a pivotal role in our ability to turn up markets quickly with a reliable and competitively positioned product that combines multiple networks and vendor products into a seamless solution.

Our business continues to grow and we look forward to supporting this growth through the Talking SIP platform. We highly recommend IVR Technologies and Talking SIP to any next-generation service provider interested in building its business through value added services." Colette Bean, President, IPX Voice Ltd.

KBT Systems Corp.

"KBT Systems is a Canadian wholesale provider of VOIP infrastructure. KBT services large tier I telecommunication companies throughout the world and has experienced tremendous growth over the past 10 years. Our ability to source and utilize best of breed vendors has been instrumental in our growth. KBT considers IVR Technologies to be such a best of breed vendor by their products and through their dedication to outstanding service and support, which has contributed greatly to KBT's ongoing success.

We consider IVR Technologies to be an industry leader in the VoIP application, media and billing space, and we look forward to continuing our great working relationship, We would recommend IVR Technologies to any next generation provider, large or small, without hesitation or reservation." Stephen Mundy, President, KBT Systems Corp.

Local Communications Network, Inc. (LCN)

"In 2003, Local Communications Network (LCN), a Dulles, VA international satellite carrier was searching for a system that would provide a real-time billing platform for services being provided under contract to the U.S. Navy for telephone and calling card communications from Guantanamo Bay Naval Base, Cuba. IVR Technologies Talking SIP was selected as the best all-around system to provide both the calling card platform and the real-time billing service for the VoIP telecommunications system.

In response to the tremendous growth in personnel since the onset of "Operation Enduring Freedom," LCN recognized the need to provide the troops with easier access and flexibility to place calls to families and friends around the world. After an extensive product search, LCN selected IVR Technologies' interactive voice response system to fill this need. The IVR product offers a robust, feature rich software solution for real-time interactive voice services and billing and a complete suite of service ready applications that can provide a variety of future enhanced services to the community of Guantanamo Bay.

During the course of its operation serving Guantanamo Bay, Cuba the IVR Technologies Talking SIP platform performed flawlessly. On two occasions, LCN requested the implementation of additional functionality from IVR Technologies and in both instances our requirements and expectations were exceeded. LCN is currently provisioning the system to provide calling card processing for a number of carriers in support of international calling card programs.

In short, the IVR Technologies system is a cost effective, well designed and implemented call processing and billing system, supported by a first class organization." Robert McNanley, President, Local Communications Network, Inc.

Vx Telecom Ltd.

"Talking SIP has provided an extremely versatile, value-for-money solution for our company, allowing us to operate in six countries worldwide from our hub in the United Kingdom," said Raj Jeyaraj, Managing Director of Vx Telecom. "Using a single provider has meant we can take huge leaps forward in all areas of our business, from call processing to billing, and this has enabled us to offer a very comprehensive service. The customer support team is friendly and helpful, and always quick to respond to any queries. We've been very impressed by the whole package." Mr. Raj Jeyaraj, Managing Director of Vx Telecom Ltd.