Here are some of Talking SIP's enhanced services

that Talking SIP offers to help to drive revenue to the network, increase profit margin and increase subscriber retention and loyalty:

What can Talking SIP do?

Talking SIP is the industry leading application, media and billing server that powers some of the largest and most recognized networks around the world. Designed specifically for next-generation carriers and service providers both small and large alike, Talking SIP helps them drive revenue to their networks, increase their profit margins and cultivate subscriber loyalty through innovative in-demand services, creative billing options, and a consolidated network architecture that greatly reduces the CAPEX and OPEX costs normally associated with running an intelligent network.

Why choose Talking SIP?

In today’s highly competitive telecommunication landscape it is critical that service providers deliver differentiated offerings of in-demand applications that can attract subscribers while providing innovative and integrated services that are easily managed and controlled in order to retain them. The core focus of Talking SIP is just that – provide you, the service provider, with the ability to offer innovative bundled services that attract and retain customers while driving revenue and profitability to your network while reducing your operating and administrative overhead.

How does it work?

By combining the function of multiple network appliances into a single, extensible and scalable solution, Talking SIP reduces the level of integration, configuration and touch-points required to get you to market and the overhead required to keep these level of services operational. Talking SIP delivers market-ready, proven and hardened turnkey applications that can be deployed in hours rather than weeks or months like our competitors. In addition, Talking SIP’s architecture is designed to continually increase its value proposition and your return on investment by allowing existing services to be customized and allowing new services and features to be added at any time.

How difficult is Talking SIP to operate, is it open, and can it scale?

Talking SIP is an open, extensible and scalable solution that offers one of the smallest carbon footprints, lowest capital and operating costs, lowest administrative overhead and highest customer satisfaction rate of any similar carrier-class solution in the industry.

Are you ready to drive revenue to your network?

If you are ready to offer new innovative retail or wholesale services to your next generation network, in the least amount of time, with a field-proven product that can drive revenue and profitability with the least amount of ongoing administrative overhead, then contact us today to let us show you how Talking SIP can do all of this for your network.

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