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Talking SIP offers a turnkey suite of value-added service applications providing the industry's most comprehensive converged services and real-time mobile & VoIP billing platform that helps next-generation communication service providers drive revenue, increase profits, and improve customer loyalty and retention.


Talking SIP provides a robust suite of enhanced value-added services that integrate across the network, regardless of the access type. Talking SIP’s intimate level of integration and convergence drives network revenue, increases profit margins and reduces network operating costs while increasing customer loyalty and retention. As a true converged services platform, Talking SIP provides subscribers with a single account which can be used across a wealth of services and access methods. Our real-time billing capabilities empower both the subscriber and next-generation communication service provider in providing anytime account signup, account recharge, top up, and balance on demand while controlling financial exposure in real-time with the ability to throttle voice, data and text services consumption.

Market Agility

Critical to the success of communication service providers is the ability to react quickly to changing market trends and innovations.  Having a platform that can provide in-demand services that address high growth vertical markets without the need for costly and time consuming network upgrades is imperative.  Equally critical to the service offerings is the ability to change pricing plans and product bundles at a moment’s notice.  With Talking SIP’s real-time billing capabilities communication service providers can easily and quickly modify product and service pricing, bundle services and define how an account’s value is shared and controlled.  Talking SIP’s billing flexibility allows for regional pricing promotions, shared family plans, affinity pricing, enterprise pricing and just about anything the market and the imagination demands.  With Talking SIP’s high level of flexibility and control in both the services provided and Talking SIP’s real-time billing engine that is built around them the communication service provider is well poised for success and competitive advantage. 

Competitive Advantage

Talking SIP’s competitive advantages are many. Take for instance our robust suite of value-added enhanced services, flexible and tightly integrated real-time billing, cost competitive licensing and responsive engineering support and you have the perfect platform for success. In addition to all of these advantages you also have the time to market advantage offered by turnkey value-added services. As a software only solution, Talking SIP’s deployment is measured in hours, not days and weeks like our competitors. IVR Technologies continually develops new, turnkey applications and product features and improvements in order to advance our solution that is backed by an industry leading level of senior technical support representatives to insure issues are resolved quickly and service uptime metrics are maintained. For those communication service providers who are interested in diving deeper into the solution we offer a robust telephony scripting language for service enhancement and creation to assist communication service providers with being able to differentiate their offering in the market and respond rapidly to changing subscriber demands.