Web Service API

Third Party Integration & Control


The Talking SIP Web Service API is a secure, scalable and extensible interface that has been developed around a RESTful (representational state transfer) interface and the lightweight JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) data-interchange format to allow service providers and carriers to  seamlessly integrate Talking SIP into any application, web site, CRM, portal, or operational support system (OSS) while having the flexibility to be able to leverage the development tools they are most comfortable and productive with.

From account creation, account management, e-commerce, billing history queries, and rate management to system management and the provisioning of devices, route groups and routes, virtually all aspects of the Talking SIP platform are exposed by the Web Service API.  Developed around a client/server architecture that is stateless, cacheable, layered, extensible and scalable, the Web Service API is easy to adopt and integrate into existing applications, and has been designed with an emphasis on readability, flexibility, and ease of use. 

As a result of its ability to provide for rapid and seamless integration into existing applications for greater third party control over system configuration, user access control, and data presentation, the Talking SIP Web Service API not only empowers service providers with the ability to develop new interfaces, but also ensures the end-user experience is consistent with their existing applications and web properties.

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