Subscriber OTT and VoBB Services

Core Features

  • Provide feature-rich and value based OTT and Voice over Broadband services to consumers and businesses.
  • Capture your customers’ primary and secondary line usage providing greater loyalty and profits for your network.
  • Voice over Broadband service can be coupled with any of Talking SIP's other enhanced services for product bundling and cross-subsidization.
  • Works with any SIP-enabled device from softphones and IP phones to trunking gateways and softswitches.
  • Talking SIP's OTT and Voice over Broadband services support direct and white label programs.

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Talking SIP provides OTT and Voice over Broadband services to mobile subscribers, residential and business customers.  Leveraging the public Internet and Wi-Fi/3G as the transport layer, this service allows incumbent carriers, cable companies and over the top (OTT) providers to offer primary and secondary line services to mobile subscribers, residential and business customers.  With little or no access costs and the ability to peer with any SIP-based carrier for origination and/or termination as well as the ability to support on-net to on-net calling, Talking SIP helps you minimize costs and increase profitability.

Whether the subscriber is using a softphone, IP phone or IAD Talking SIP ensures that they experience a feature rich service that offers the best calling features and end-user account control and empowerment in the industry.  Talking SIP’s OTT and Voice over Broadband services and highly flexible real-time billing engine let you develop differentiated service bundles with creative and cross-subsidized billing programs to help you remain competitive while driving profitability.


Talking SIP’s OTT and Voice over Broadband solution includes in-demand features that help our carrier customers differentiate themselves from the competition.  Services can be provided across a wide array of SIP-enabled client software and hardware without geographic limitations.  With end customer account level controls and automated payment processing Talking SIP’s OTT and Voice over Broadband services automate network operations while empowering the end customer. 

Some of Talking SIP’s OTT and Voice over Broadband features include:

  • Anytime, anywhere automated web based signup and recharge for services with end-user account level controls.
  • Multiple billing plan selection provides the carrier with the ability to market a wide array of competitive calling plans and services.
  • Class 5 features such as Find Me/Follow Me, voicemail, three-way calling, call forwarding, do not disturb, conferencing, and message waiting indication (voice notification, email and lamps).
  • Real-time integrated VoIP billing enables the carrier to provide detailed consumer billing and invoicing, as well as business based billing for corporate level call detail reporting and credit enforcement across divisions.
  • Integrated device registration and location based services eliminates the need for dual provisioning and provides seamless mobility for the customer.


The End User Web Interface provides account management where empowerment is the key.  By empowering end-users with the flexibility to sign up for services, view account balances, check messages, review call histories and recharge their accounts, there are fewer human resources needed to manage the customer.  Customer satisfaction is also improved as end-users appreciate the convenience of being able to review their accounts from any web browser, on any platform, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • The End User Web Interface can be fully branded to your specific business and comes ready for out of the box turnkey deployment.
  • Provide your customers with ability to sign up for services automatically via a credit card anytime and anywhere simply through an Internet browser.
  • Customers have the ability to manage their accounts and perform self-care such as set their speed dials, configure PINless/ANI authentication, check voicemail messages, setup conference bridges, enable Find Me/Follow Me call forwarding schedules and more.
  • Out of the box support for up to five (5) different calling plans ensures that you can capture a wide array of customer types (home, business and mobility plans).
  • Customers can easily view, download, print and track their payments and usage over the current month, last month or any selectable period of time. Quick statistics highlight longest call, shortest call, least expensive and most expensive calls placed.

Billing & Costing

Talking SIP helps you put your OTT and Voice over Broadband service at a competitive advantage through rich enhanced services as well as creative and flexible VoIP billing facilities that are unmatched in the industry. Talking SIP helps you eliminate credit exposure, build profits and capture a greater market share through its real-time billing engine, feature rich in-demand applications, and its scalable, robust and field hardened architecture.

  • Integrated pre/postpaid real-time VoIP billing and costing engine with call cut off.
  • Three (3) additional VoIP billing models and credit caps for corporations, groups, and multi-level marketing (end user, reseller, wholesaler, etc.).
  • Multiple low water mark warnings.
  • Costing by ANI, NPA, NPA+NXX, DNIS, time of day, day of week, date/time range and/or destination.
  • Surcharging by DNIS, ANI, Info Digits, Account, Account usage to date, Device, time of day, day of week, date/time range and/or destination.


Talking SIP’s OTT and Voice over Broadband services platform offers real-time call rating and CDR generation greatly enhancing its competitive advantage by offering flexible, creative and attractive calling plans that reduces administrative overhead by eliminating the need to re-rate and mediate CDRs from disparate systems.  Our integrated and real-time approach liberates human resources so that they can focus on building the business rather than managing the platform.

  • Real-time call rating and CDR generation.
  • Blocked, flat rate, single rate and multi-tier rating (vary rate based on call duration).
  • Rating by ANI, NPA, NPA+NXX, DNIS, Account, Origin, Account usage to date, Device, time of day, day of week, date/time range and/or destination.
  • Supports rating from wildcards down to the E.164 level.
  • Supports an unlimited number of rate plans and rate schedules.


Our OTT and Voice over Broadband services platform offers advanced routing capabilities to allow full control and rating of calls. 

Key features include:

  • Ability to route calls to multiple outbound carriers/sip trunking providers with automatic route advance.
  • Support for third-party least cost routing (LCR) redirect servers.
  • Full digit manipulation of the inbound ANI and origin/carrier codes.
  • Full digit manipulation of the inbound DNIS.
  • Full digit manipulation to the terminating device with CLI/ANI manipulation.

What is OTT and Voice over Broadband?

OTT and Voice over Broadband (VoBB) services provide consumers and businesses with the ability to leverage their Wi-Fi, 3G and broadband Internet connectivity for inbound and/or outbound long distance calling with greater control and features as well as superior voice quality and redundancy in comparison to the traditional PSTN network. By delivering voice services over an all IP-network carriers are no longer shackled by the limitations of the traditional networks of the past so they are free to offer next-generation features like presence, personalized call-forwarding, colored ringtones and CD quality high-definition voice.

Phone numbers in an IP-network are not fixed to a particular geographic location so subscribers now have the freedom to move their device and/or service to any location they desire.  The OTT and Voice over Broadband service carries its identity with it no matter where and what device is registered so subscribers can receive, place and manage their communication services from anywhere in the world.  Connecting a telephone or softphone is plug-and-play today with service providers pre-provisioning the equipment for immediate use upon arrival/connection.  Since the feature-set is delivered over IP there are no complicated configuration settings to wade through and there is complete end user empowerment for account and call control management via the ubiquitous web.

Service providers deploying next-generation SIP-based OTT and VoBB platforms can offer their customers creative billing plans and a broad range of devices and configurations when utilizing their service.  Devices such as ATAs and IP phones, as well as desktop and mobile softphones, give consumers a wide range of choices and flexibility options while driving service usage and consumer loyalty when calling from home, work, or on the road.