Real-Time Billing Cloud

VoIP / Mobile Cloud Billing Platform

What is the Real-Time Billing Cloud?

Our Real-Time Billing CloudTM is an on-demand billing platform deployed in the Microsoft Azure Cloud and is designed for next-generation Communication Service Providers (CSPs).  The Real-Time Billing Cloud provides a geo-redundant, highly scalable, reliable and feature rich platform for billing VoIP, mobile, OTT, data and SMS services and is architected to handle complex call flows, comprehensive digit manipulation and rich IVR media services on a real-time prepaid, postpaid and/or credit limited basis.

As a carrier agnostic cloud solution, you can utilize your own inbound and outbound routes to help control cost and build margin while being empowered by a platform that offers a complete suite of in-demand enhanced services, highly flexible billing models, and global e-commerce capabilities to drive revenue growth, customer loyalty and competitive advantage.

The Real-Time Billing Cloud is offered on a hosted, monthly subscription basis helping to avoid significant capital outlay while providing rapid time to market and reduced demands on scarce human resources.

VoIP / Mobile Cloud Billing Platform

What Does the Real-Time Billing Cloud Offer?

The Real-Time Billing Cloud offers Communication Service Providers (CSPs) who wish to add real-time billing capabilities to their service offerings with the ability to rapidly launch new revenue generating services designed to attract, retain and grow their subscriber base.  

Key strengths of the Real-Time Billing Cloud include: 

  • Real-Time Billing:  All billing and CDR generation are done in real-time on a prepaid, postpaid and/or credit limited basis to help with fiscal management and fraud control.  Choose from several types of account hierarchies & billing models, with invoice generation, robust voice/data/SMS rating, surcharges, vouchers, rate tiers, packaged bundles and more. 
  • Multiple Authentication Methods: By ANI, DNIS, IP, Origin, user name/password, P-Asserted Identity, Remote Party ID, MSISDN and others.
  • Broad Signaling Support: Supports SIP natively and CAMEL, USSD, DIAMETER and RADIUS using third party MAP access.  Provides the capability to mix and match signaling types based on call flow requirements. 
  • Complex Call Flows:  Handle on-net to on-net, on-net to off-net and off-net to on-net routing.  SIP to SIP, mobile to SIP, and SIP to mobile for home/roaming (multi-IMSI) origination and termination.
  • Comprehensive Digit Manipulation:  Highly flexible digit manipulation on both the inbound and outbound call legs for localized dialing rules, creative billing and downstream routing.
  • Market Ready Applications:  A wide selection of mature, market proven applications such as tandem switching, SIP trunking, MVNE / MVNO, calling card, PBX, conferencing, call center, VoBB with reseller and subscriber web portals.
  • Advanced Routing:  Rate and route your traffic down to the E.164 level with route advance on 4XX, 5XX and 6XX level network responses.  The Real-Time Billing Cloud supports the SIP 302 redirect for integration to third-party LCR solutions.
  • High Scalability:  Deployed in the Microsoft Azure cloud with the option of geo-redundancy that allows the Real-Time Billing Cloud to provide businesses with a highly available elastic platform that can quickly and easily scale to meet your dynamic capacity demands. 
  • Proven Reliability:  The Real-Time Billing Cloud is built on our flagship Talking SIP platform which has been deployed globally for over 17 years by Tier 1, 2 and 3 carriers running tens of thousands of concurrent calls.  The Microsoft Azure cloud is one of the most trusted cloud solutions with global standard compliance and embedded security/privacy.
VoIP / Mobile Cloud Billing Platform

How Easy is it to Get Started?

As a hosted, subscription-based cloud solution the Real-Time Billing Cloud is designed for rapid deployment.  The Real-Time Billing Cloud is backed by a team of responsive, knowledgeable and professional engineers who can provide you with the training, configuration assistance and technical support to help position you for success and get you to market in a record amount of time.


A secure, agile and responsive Web Management Console is provided complete with an analytical dashboard and the tools necessary for complete oversight and management of your accounts and services.

Below are the five easy steps required for launching services with the Real-Time Billing Cloud:

Create your own wholesale and retail rate plans.

Create your inbound and outbound routing.
Choose the services and authentication models to deploy and support.
Create customer accounts.
Optionally add bundles, e-commerce, surcharges, service charges, rate tiers and auto top-ups.
VoIP / Mobile Cloud Billing Platform

Can You Customize the Real-Time Billing Cloud?

The Real-Time Billing Cloud provides rich APIs for subscriber self-service, third party integration, extensibility and business specific customizations to help extend and enhance the solution.

Controlling and building upon your direct brand and any other white label services you plan to offer has never been easier or more customizable than with the Real-Time Billing Cloud. 

The following options are available to help with any and all integration requirements: