with Voice, Data and SMS Service Rewards


Most Communication Service Providers have historically marketed their brands based solely on price, however, today the price gap between operators has become much narrower. In addition to price, subscribers now consider the brand identity, subscriber community and their social sphere of influence before making a purchasing decision.  Brands must now be positioned and pitched towards the disruptors, expats and the super savers and they must be aligned with social causes that best fit their target subscriber communities.    

Communication Service Providers who can embrace social media and who communicate often and in a targeted, sincere and meaningful way with their subscribers are best positioned to achieve brand loyalty, reduce churn and build revenues.  Coupling a targeted message, advertisement or social cause around a reward can help drive participation and generate useful feedback that can be used to improve one’s product and service offering.

The following are just a few examples of how Communication Service Providers can use call-based advertising/messaging with voice, data and SMS service rewards in their business:   

  • Product/Service Promotion
  • Event Promotion
  • Consumer Feedback
  • Charitable Giving

IVR Technologies’ Talking SIP solution and its Advertising module provide a hosted or facilities-based turnkey platform to allow Communication Service Providers to build a comprehensive and converged service offering.  Talking SIP offers a comprehensive and robust, real-time billing engine that is configurable for promotional offerings such as credit-based rewards, which can be utilized by the subscriber during their  consumption of voice, data and/or SMS services or applied towards a charitable organization/cause.  Talking SIP includes detailed data analytics so that meaningful information around an ad campaign or service offering can be generated and shared to gauge the success and/or efficacy of a campaign.

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