Internet Café and Other On-Premise Callshops

Core Features

  • The Callshop capabilities are built into Talking SIP for the deployment of services to any local or remote location within your network.
  • Quickly and easily deploy your own Callshop or host the services for other operators with third party branding.
  • SIP compliance ensures that you can provide services for any type of SIP-enabled device.
  • Account cycling reduces the complexity of management and streamlines the sales process.
  • Talking SIP’s integrated Callshop VoIP billing software results in a feature-rich and easy to manage service.

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Talking SIP is a next-generation, SIP based application, media and real-time billing server that is ideally suited for Internet cafés, callshops, International Universities and boarding facilities looking to deploy an advanced solution with the flexibility of an integrated real-time billing engine that helps operators reduce costs while streamlining operations. The Callshop application is built into Talking SIP, providing service providers with the ability to run their own services as well as host callshops for others on a global scale.

Operator Console

The included and freely distributable Telephony Management Console (TMC) makes the local or remote setup, monitoring and management of Callshop accounts easy, secure and efficient.  Brand-able billing statements can be generated on demand and with the optional Report Designer these billing reports can be easily customized and personalized.

  • Secure operator login provides an intuitive framework for completing the required tasks related to running a Callshop.
  • Operators can quickly and easily run customer usage reports, apply payments, offer credits and reset accounts for next customer use.
  • Integrated real-time VoIP billing ensures that the operator bills for the exact customer usage and that the call detail records support the amount being billed.
  • Billing discrepancies are easily resolved as detailed call session logs are quickly accessible for reconciliation of placed calls.
  • The operator console can be provisioned and used by any authorized operator either managing their own Callshop or as part of a hosted network.


When running a Callshop, reporting on the profitability and usage across locations in real-time and on-demand is vital to the long term success of your business.  With over 136 reports available standard Talking SIP ensures you always have immediate real-time insight into your business through textual and graphical reports that are easy to read, understand and analyze.

  • Centralized Reporting Engine to allow reports to be managed from within the database so all additions, updates and deletions are immediately reflected on the operator’s screen.
  • Includes over 136 pre-configured, customizable reports.
  • Provide your customers with a detailed invoice at the completion of their session.
  • Generate up to the moment gross profit reports for direct and/or reseller programs.
  • Track usage by time of day, day of week in order to help promote off peak periods and to help adjust pricing and costs during high demand periods.
  • Optional fully integrated Report Designer to allow existing reports to be enhanced or wholly new ones created


Delivering a Callshop service requires that the service will scale in both the number of customers and locations it can support, while being able to provide service globally and without geographic boundaries.  Talking SIP scales in all these areas and provides one of the most advanced architectures available today that helps providers differentiate their services by offering a full and robust feature-set that can be seamlessly integrated into other enhanced services to drive revenue, increase profit margin and build loyalty.

  • Setup and market your services in any region with or without the need to deploy any equipment other than the regular telephones, IP Phones, softphones or IADs.
  • A single server deployment can handle millions of minutes a month of call traffic and thousands of customers that are locally or remotely connected.
  • Our Callshop solution also allows you to diversify your revenue stream and maximize the utility of the platform by allowing you the opportunity to provide brand-able, hosted services to other providers/resellers.
  • Talking SIP is a carrier class solution that offers complete redundancy with every component that comprises the solution.
  • By reducing single points of failures Talking SIP gives you peace of mind in knowing that the network is always available and that your reputation is always intact. 

Payment Types

Offering your customers multiple forms of payment adds to the convenience of using our Callshop services and helps you attract customers with varying credit profiles.  Talking SIP puts payment controls at the operator’s finger tips allowing for cash, check and credit card acceptance.  Turnkey credit card payment processor integration is supported, as well as an XML interface to integrate with virtually any banking institution with which you may have an existing relationship.

  • Simple operator payment screen for intuitive and rapid processing of transactions.
  • Audit trail logging so you know which operator processed the payment and account level reporting so you can reconcile your daily receipts.
  • Supports credit card payment processing using First Data,, PayPal Pro and many other merchant processors.
  • Talking SIP also supports an open and fully documented XML interface to allow integration with any financial institution of your choosing.
  • Perfect for use as an internet cafe billing software solution.

What is Callshop?

Callshops cater to travelers, institutions (educational and military), and foreign workers and is often incorporated into other convenience businesses like Internet cafes.  Callshops play a significant role in countries whose tele-densities are small when compared to the overall population and where the majority of the population are unable to afford a phone line of their own and thus must seek out a Callshop as an economical way to communicate and stay in touch with friends and family.  In a Callshop scenario callers are assigned a booth and access code where they can then sit and make their International long distance calls in privacy, using a regular telephone.  At the conclusion of their visit they settle the amount owing for the calls incurred with the Callshop attendant and the booth is reset for the next customer.

VoIP is the most efficient technology to deploy in a Callshop business as it enables the services to be provided across multiple Callshops whether owned by the provider or in a hosted configuration using a centralized platform.  In addition VoIP allows multiple SIP trunking carriers to be utilized to ensure the most cost-effective routes are used for call termination based on destination.  IP phones, traditional phones and softphones can all be used to facilitate calling from the Callshop and attendants are typically provided with a graphical console or web portal to process billing, customer settlement, receipt generation and booth resets.