IVR & Media

Interactive voice response and rich media play a significant role in network service quality and subscriber experience.  Providing subscribers with menu driven access to services, e-commerce and account management help facilitate subscriber uptake, reduces the burden on customer service resources and empowers the subscriber with anytime/anywhere self-care.  Branding, international language support, account management and much more can be achieved through well thought out IVR menus that provide quick and efficient access via DTMF and zero or error out access to operator services.

Talking SIP supports many popular codecs natively or in pass-through mode.  Codecs can be specified on a device and/or codec class basis for interoperability.  Talking SIP includes a fully documented prompt library, prompt recorder and professionally recorded prompt library in a plethora of supported codecs.  When deployed in a tandem, single stage configuration any codec type can be utilized including video and T.38 fax pass-through.

Media is fully integrated into Talking SIP so that communication service providers can offer fully branded, automated and high quality voice guided prompting helping to differentiate themselves from the competition.  Full featured menus can be provided on a service level basis to subscribers along with custom account options providing voice guided prompting for many account services and e-commerce transactions.