Convergent - OCS Billing Solution - Value Added Services

Core Features

  • Real-time convergent MVNE & MVNO billing solution for Data, Voice and SMS (prepaid, postpaid and/or credit limited) with support for individual subscriber plans, as well as shared family and corporate plans.
  • Launch MVNA, MVNE, MVNO and M2M business models with the ability to authenticate in real-time and throttle data, voice and SMS consumption by device with capacity limits based on daily consumption, activation period, prepaid balance and/or credit limit.
  • Online Charging System (OCS) supporting; SIGTRAN, DIAMETER, SIP, CAMEL (call through and redirect) and USSD (callback) call flows for a seamless and intuitive subscriber experience.
  • Complete SIM importation, provisioning and profile management facilities.  Easily create service profiles for assignment to the SIM with the ability to enable voice, data and SMS services on an individual profile basis.  Activate, de-activate and terminate SIMs, manage multiple IMSI’s and MSIDN’s.
  • Turnkey solution for providing mobile services with global roaming capability, intelligent CAMEL routing for complete call control and profit maximization and multi-IMSI roaming services tightly coupled with real-time prepaid, postpaid and credit limited voice, data and SMS billing.
  • Offer value added mobile services such as; domestic MVNO, multi IMSI travel SIM, data SIM, data roaming USB and more.
  • MVNA & MVNE architecture for the turnkey deployment of an unlimited number of MVNOs, each with its own branded web management and subscriber portals.
  • Ability to route calls on/off the mobile network via SIP, as well as integrate class 5 enhanced services such as voicemail and Find Me/Follow Me services for a complete converged mobile services offering.
  • Integrated standards-based RESTful Web Services API provides for rapid customization and integration with third party OSS/BSS systems and existing service provider web portals.

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MVNE Overview


Talking SIP Mobility offers a turnkey and feature rich MVNA (Mobile Virtual Network Aggregator), MVNE (Mobile Virtual Network Enabler), MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) and M2M (Machine to Machine) convergent billing solution as well as class 5 value-added services solution that are ideally suited for next-generation communication service providers who wish to offer domestic MVNO, global roaming and multi-IMSI voice, data and SMS services on a prepaid, postpaid, or credit limited basis.   Designed for the MVNA, MVNE, MVNO and M2M alike, Talking SIP Mobility provides secure multi-tenancy provisioning to facilitate hosting an unlimited number of MVNOs, each with its own branded subscriber web portal and partitioned MVNE/MVNO GUI management console.   As a turnkey solution the MVNA and MVNE have the ability to quickly turn-up new MVNOs, each with its own MVNE billing and MVNO billing plans, service offerings and web identity.   As a convergent billing and value-added services platform, Talking SIP Mobility bridges the mobile network with SIP so that calls can be automatically routed on/off the mobile network via VoIP for more cost effective call origination and termination.

It is imperative in today’s competitive mobile marketplace that providers can market and deliver in-demand and differentiated service offerings in order to gain market attention and traction.  Talking SIP Mobility is designed and engineered to provide converged and differentiated service offerings with a time-to-market advantage to allow mobile carriers to quickly capitalize and execute on market opportunities.

The Talking SIP Mobility solution takes into account those MVNAs and MVNEs who wish to have even greater control over the platform by offering a standards-based RESTful Web Services API that provides easy customization and integration with third party OSS/BSS systems, and existing service provider web portals.  In addition to the Web Services API, Talking SIP Mobility is built on an open and extensible Microsoft SQL Server database allowing for further extensibility and third-party application support.  To further open and extend our solution a full application scripting language for the creation and/or modification of existing application source code is available, as well as a fully integrated report generator for greater control, analytics and mining of network data.

With a rich and robust MVNA/MVNE/MVNO and M2M offering, Talking SIP Mobility is a complete mobile services delivery platform that integrates an in-demand suite of class 5 value-added services with a tightly integrated and highly flexible, real-time convergent billing engine.

View the Talking SIP Mobility Convergent Billing Solution Infographic.

View the Talking SIP Mobility Signaling, Billing & Services Convergence Infographic.

Case Study: Selecting a VoIP – MVNE – MVNO Convergent Billing and Value Added Services Solution



Talking SIP Mobility is a field-hardened and globally deployed value-added services and real-time convergent billing solution that includes a rich suite of prepaid and postpaid voice/data/SMS mobile SIM services.  Designed to run in the cloud, on virtual machines, or on premise, Talking SIP Mobility offers unmatched deployment flexibility to suit the network and technical expertise of the carrier.  It is a turnkey solution that includes a converged session initiation protocol (SIP)/VoIP application suite with mobile network integration, SIM provisioning and account/system management.  The Talking SIP Mobility platform supports out-of-the-box e-commerce capabilities along with automated account charges, top-up and balance transfers in addition to shared family voice, data and SMS billing plans.  This flexible solution allows the rapid implementation of new service bundles and targeted promotions that can encourage and reward usage through a robust and mature prepaid and postpaid billing engine that supports bundled minute/data/SMS packages, multi-tiered rating, creative rules-based billing, and usage-based rating based on timing, wildcards, zones or E.164 destinations.  Talking SIP Mobility provides a wide range of over-the-top mobile services, a full suite of revenue generating VoIP applications, and a common subscriber web portal for account self-management across the full suite of enhanced services. 

Talking SIP Mobility provides MVNA, MVNE, MVNO and M2M services along with over-the-top (OTT) mobile services, a full suite of revenue generating VoIP applications, e-commerce facilities, and a common subscriber web portal for account self-management across the full suite of Talking SIP Mobility enhanced services.  As a turnkey solution it includes a converged SIP/VoIP application suite and mobile network integration, SIM provisioning and management along with a partitioned MVNE/MVNO GUI management console.

As a highly cost competitive, fully integrated, and completely turnkey solution, Talking SIP Mobility reduces CAPEX requirements and delivers one of the fastest times to market.  As a full service firm, IVR Technologies provides pre-sale engineering support, professional on-site services for Talking SIP Mobility software installation, configuration, training and customizations.

  • Real-time convergent billing and class 5 value-added services for voice, data and SMS supported across any SIM enabled device.
  • Complete suite of mobile value-added services ranging from domestic MVNO, global roaming, multi IMSI travel SIM, prepaid mobile services, voicemail, Find Me/Follow Me, VoIP termination, VoBB, mobile over-the-top (OTT) applications and so much more.
  • Ability to readily create extremely flexible mobile plans that can drive market penetration and subscriber loyalty through custom tailored programs, free calling programs, and usage incentives.
  • As a value-added services and convergent billing platform, Talking SIP Mobility bridges the mobile network with SIP for on-net/off-net mobile network origination and termination via VoIP for reduced termination cost, higher redundancy, and improved profitability.
  • Customizable and fully branded web portals for MVNO mobile services management, subscriber self-management, subscriber signup via fully automated e-commerce, account top-up, low account balance notifications and more.
  • Supports individual and/or bulk SIM management, importation and provisioning.
  • Provides the ability to create a wide range of convenient short code services which can be defined at the MVNO and/or subscriber level.
MVNE Billing

Billing & Costing

Talking SIP Mobility helps providers drive revenue by reaching a broader customer base while limiting their exposure to credit risk and fraud. Talking SIP Mobility greatly improves profit margins through its real-time MVNE and MVNO billing, authentication, payment collection, credit validation and dynamic rating/routing functions.

  • Integrated prepaid/postpaid real-time billing & online charging system with real-time voice, data and SMS consumption cut off.
  • Granular and flexible billing for voice, data and SMS services with the ability to set consumption limits by SIM on a daily basis, prepaid balance or credit limit.
  • On-net to on-net, on-net to off-net, off-net to on-net billing support so you can charge differently based on how the call is routed.
  • Three (3) billing models and credit caps for corporations, groups, and multi-level marketing (end user, reseller, wholesaler, etc.).
  • Multiple low water mark warnings.
  • Blocked, flat rate, single rate and multi-tier rating (vary rate based on call duration).
  • Rating by ANI, NPA, NPA + NXX, DNIS, SIM Profile, Call Type, Account, Account usage to date, Device, time of day, day of week, date/time range and/or destination.
  • Costing by ANI, NPA, NPA+NXX, DNIS, SIM Profile, Call Type, time of day, day of week, date/time range and/or destination.
  • Surcharging by DNIS, ANI, Info Digits, Account, Account usage to date, Device, time of day, day of week, date/time range and/or destination.
  • Supports up to five independent billing packages per account with the ability to charge differently across each billing package.
  • Supports a wide range of disconnection fees, transit fees and mobile charges.
MVNE Rating


Real-time convergent billing for voice, data and SMS rating and CDR generation greatly enhancing the competitive advantage by providing flexible, creative and attractive voice, data and SMS plans while reducing the administrative overhead of having to rate post-call and mediate CDRs from disparate systems. Our integrated and real-time approach frees up human resources to concentrate on building the business and the brand while avoiding having to manually manage system data.

  • Real-time voice, data, USSD and SMS rating with real-time CDR generation.
  • Blocked, flat rate, single rate and multi-tier rating (vary rate based on duration).
  • Rating by ANI, NPA, NPA+NXX, DNIS, Account, Origin, Account usage to date, Device, time of day, day of week, date/time range and/or destination.
  • Supports rating from wildcards down to the E.164 level.
  • Supports an unlimited number of rate plans and rate schedules.
  • Supports rating based on mobile profile.
  • Supports rating based on call type.
  • Supports time dependent, multi-tier rating with the ability to change the rate, billing increment, per call charges, etc. over an unlimited number of rating tiers.
  • Automatically move a subscriber to another rate plan based on number of minutes, or number of calls made over a defined period (e.g. daily, weekly, monthly).
MVNE Routing


Advanced routing capabilities allow full control and rating of calls placed to carriers and SIP Trunking providers.

Key features include:

  • Capable of routing calls to multiple outbound carriers and/or SIP Trunking providers with automatic route advance.
  • Support for third-party least cost and/or service based routing (LCR) redirect servers.
  • Real-time call processing, call cut off and routing.
  • Full digit manipulation of the inbound ANI and origin/carrier codes.
  • Full digit manipulation of the inbound DNIS.
  • Full digit manipulation to the terminating device with CLI/ANI manipulation.
  • Routing and rating by time of day/holidays/CLI/ number dialed.
  • Compatible with Session Border Controllers (SBCs) for IP/PBX and softphone services in order to provide far-end NAT traversal to the network as well as for additional security, redundancy and topology obfuscation.
MVNE Reporting


When running a prepaid mobile business, on-demand reporting on profitability and usage across programs is critical to the long term success of your business. With over 136 reports available standard you will gain immediate insight into your business in easy to read, textual and graphical reports that are easy to understand and analyze.

  • Centralized Reporting Engine to allow reports to be managed from within the database so all additions, updates and deletions are immediately reflected on the agent’s screen.
  • Includes over 136 pre-configured, customizable reports.
  • Generate up to the moment gross profit reports for direct and/or reseller based programs.
  • View account activation reports, PIN liability reports and usage reports.
  • Optional fully integrated Report Designer to allow existing reports to be enhanced or wholly new ones created.

What is an MVNA, MVNE, MVNO and M2M?

A Mobile Virtual Network Aggregator (MVNA) and Mobile Virtual Network Enabler (MVNE) provide infrastructure and real-time, convergent billing for voice, data and SMS along with a suite of value-added services that enables a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) to focus on the direct relationship with the mobile subscriber.  The MVNA and MVNE infrastructure and related services typically consists of MAP portal, provisioning, administration and overall network operations including OSS/BSS support and value-added application development.  Machine to machine (M2M) services apply to connected devices across a wide range of industries including smart meter terminals, gaming, IPTV, healthcare, automotive, and security systems where connected devices can be authenticated to the network, data services provided, and consumption of services limited to the subscriber’s specific billing plan. 

While some MVNOs want little control over the backend management of the mobile network, others want a greater level of control that is facilitated by an MVNA or an MVNE who can provide as little or as much access to the network as desired.  As the middle-ground provider the MVNA and MVNE add great value to the MVNO through the expedited turn-up of services and technical expertise that insulates the MVNO from the resource and technical burden required to operate a mobile network.  By freeing up resources the MVNO can focus on creating a full online presence and market brand/identity in less time and with less capital outlay by partnering with an MVNA or an MVNE. 

The MVNA and MVNE reduces the CAPEX and technical human resource requirement for the MVNO which in turn allows the MVNO to focus on its customer relationships and marketing initiatives rather than network operations.  In addition, the MVNA and MVNE provide a greater level of service customization and flexibility than if the MVNO went directly to the Mobile Network Operator (MNO).  While the MNO is typically satisfied to sell unused capacity, they are typically not interested in assisting the MVNO with its differentiation of services because this could result in the cannibalization of the host MNO’s subscriber base. 

As a full service mobile infrastructure provider, the MVNA and MVNE service offerings typically consist of CAMEL and USSD signaling for multi-IMSI global roaming SIM services, prepaid mobile services and voice, data and SMS billing.  With real-time convergent billing capabilities and brand-able web management and subscriber portals, the MVNA and MVNE truly become a one-stop shop for the accelerated launch of MVNO brands and mobile services.

As the mobile market continues to evolve the MVNA, MVNE and MVNO continue to adjust and enhance their business models, wireless billing plans and network.  In anticipation of the surge in mobile data consumption and the decline in traditional voice communications, the MVNOs flexibility to bill their subscribers on the basis of prepaid mobile, shared mobile billing plans, and family plans is imperative to remaining competitive in the market.  With voice and SMS being bundled into the monthly billing and fast becoming “data” applications, mobile carriers are focused on marketing monthly data plans with set thresholds that can be billed on a prepaid or postpaid basis.