SIP Trunking

Wholesale Services With Real-Time AAA

Core Features

  • A SIP Trunking application that enables service providers and carriers to offer low-cost voice services to residential and business customers.
  • Attractive per session pricing allows service providers to see a rapid return on investment (ROI).
  • Real-Time SIP Trunk billing, rating, costing and surcharging.
  • High availability, scalability and performance for thousands of calls and users, backed by our carrier tested architecture.
  • Supports advanced routing including third-party Least Cost Routing (LCR) redirect servers.

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Utilizing Talking SIP’s carrier grade and field proven tandem switching ability, the Trunking Module is offered as a stand-alone solution, thus significantly reducing the cost of ownership and providing an unmatched return on investment (ROI). The Trunking Module enables next-generation Internet Telephony Service Providers (ITSPs) the opportunity to provide Class 4 switching and termination services to the enterprise market at a much more cost-effective rate. Enterprise customers are now realizing the phenomenal cost-savings, flexibility, efficiency, and reliability that SIP Trunking offers their businesses and Talking SIP™’s Trunking Module enables next-generation service providers to capitalize on this rapidly growing market opportunity.

The Trunking Module offers real-time authentication, authorization, routing and billing to allow providers the flexibility to service a broad range of customers with the peace of mind that real-time safeguards are in place to combat fraud, eliminate receivables and minimize exposure with a solution that is field-proven, reliable, and scalable.

As an option the Trunking Module can also be seamlessly integrated into Talking SIP’s Class 5 services like conferencing, call queuing, IVR, automated call distribution (ACD), international callback, prepaid calling card and one-number locator services to drive additional sources of revenue to the network while increasing customer loyalty.

Billing & Costing

Talking SIP™'s Trunking Module helps providers drive revenue by reaching a broader customer base while limiting their exposure to credit risk and fraud. Talking SIP™ greatly improves profit margins through its real-time authentication, payment collection, credit validation and dynamic rating/routing functions.

  • Integrated pre/postpaid real-time SIP trunk billing and costing engine with real-time call cut off.
  • Three (3) billing models and credit caps for corporations, groups, and multi-level marketing (end user, reseller, wholesaler, etc.).
  • Costing by ANI, NPA, NPA+NXX, DNIS, time of day, day of week, date/time range and/or destination.
  • Surcharging by DNIS, ANI, Info Digits, Account, Account usage to date, Device, time of day, day of week, date/time range and/or destination.
  • Supports a wide range of disconnection fees.


The Trunking Module offers real-time call rating and CDR generation greatly enhancing the competitive advantage for offering flexible, creative and attractive calling plans while reducing the administrative overhead of having to post rate and mediate CDR’s from disparate systems. Our integrated and real-time approach frees up human resources to concentrate on building the business and the brand while avoiding having to manually manage system data.

  • Real-time call rating and CDR generation.
  • Blocked, flat rate, single rate and multi-tier rating (vary rate based on call duration).
  • Rating by ANI, NPA, NPA+NXX, DNIS, Account, Origin, Account usage to date, Device, time of day, day of week, date/time range and/or destination.
  • Supports rating from wildcards down to the E.164 level.
  • Supports an unlimited number of rate plans and rate schedules.


Advanced routing capabilities in the Trunking Module allow full control and rating of calls placed to the sip trunk providers.

Key features include:

  • Capable of routing calls to multiple outbound sip trunk providers with automatic route advance.
  • Support for third-party least cost routing (LCR) redirect servers.
  • Full digit manipulation of the inbound ANI and origin/carrier codes.
  • Full digit manipulation of the inbound DNIS.
  • Full digit manipulation to the terminating device with CLI/ANI manipulation.

More Features

The Trunking Module supports many additional features and is also just one of many enhanced services offered by the Talking SIP™ platform. Here are some additional features of the SIP Trunking Module:

  • Supports 10,000+ sessions by easily and seamlessly integrating multiple server chassis/blades in a unified network.
  • Fully integrated application and billing server with optional registration, location and media server for streamlined deployment and management.
  • No additional licensing cost to deploy additional servers in the network for centralized, decentralized or hybrid networks.
  • Centralized license pool to ensure the most efficient allocation of globally deployed network resources.
  • Multiple account authentication methods and advanced security features enable flexible and highly secure account access.

What is SIP Trunking?

SIP Trunking allows residential and business users to make low cost phone calls utilizing SIP trunk providers over the internet (IP). A SIP Trunk is a pathway for voice calls over IP.  SIP Trunks are created by SIP based IP PBX's or directly by on-site SIP enabled devices such as softphones or handsets. Dialing rules determine when a call is routed from the local network to the SIP trunk provider, just as in a traditional telephone network. Talking SIP™ is positioned between the end customers SIP device(s) and the SIP trunk provider where Talking SIP™ can rate, bill and route calls to the SIP trunk provider(s).