Network Convergence

Mobile / VoIP Convergent Billing Solution

Building a next-generation network consists of many elements and bringing them all together in order to provide a range of services and capabilities is critical to the longevity and success of the communications service provider’s business.  Today’s network must be built with convergence of services in mind to avoid missing out on any potential market directions, and to prevent costly network upgrades due to lack of planning.  Convergence also holds true for the billing of these services so that a subscriber only has to maintain one account balance in order to consume many types of network services regardless of where and how they may access the network.

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View the Talking SIP Mobility Signaling, Billing & Services Convergence Infographic.

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Mobile / VoIP Convergent Billing Solution

Talking SIP is architected from the ground up for the convergence of both services and billing. This unmatched level of convergence across the entire suite of Talking SIP value-added services gives you, the communication service provider, a significant advantage over your competitors.

Mobile / VoIP Convergent Billing Solution

Any of Talking SIP’s value-added services can be run together and deployed on a SIP based, and/or mobile (SIGTRAN, DIAMETER, CAMEL & USSD) network. This high level of convergence both in applications and network signaling achieves significant flexibility in how, to whom and where services are offered.