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Auto Signup, Self-Management and E-commerce


The End User Web Interface provides HTML-based account management where empowerment is the key. By empowering end-users with the flexibility to view account balances, check messages, review call histories and recharge their accounts, there are fewer resources needed to service the customer. Customer satisfaction is also improved as end-users appreciate the convenience of being able to review their accounts from any web browser, on any platform, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Through the web interface, service providers can significantly reduce their overheads by offloading tasks historically performed by costly customer service representatives to the end customer. The end customer welcomes the opportunity to self-manage his account because of the new found flexibility and convenience of being able to access account information whenever and wherever he/she desires. Provide your customers the power and convenience to subscribe for service and manage their accounts from a browser session anywhere around the world. Extend the reach of your operation and the footprint of your network with the End User Web Interface for Talking SIP™.

Included with our Talking SIP End User Web Interface is a fully integrated International Mobile Top Up (IMTU) service which uses The International Mobile Top Up service is available to subscribers who are logged into the Talking SIP End User Web Interface and who have a sufficient balance in their account. Subscribers simply enter the mobile phone number they wish to top up and Talking SIP uses the stored value of their account for the purchase of third-party airtime through the TransferTo global airtime remittance hub. The fully-integrated and intuitive process provides a great benefit to subscribers by allowing them to use the stored value of their existing Talking SIP account to top up their family’s and friend’s mobile phones, regardless of where they may be located in the world.

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End User Web Interface Source Code

Carriers who wish to integrate the end-user web facilities directly into their own web properties can do so by licensing our optional end-user web interface source code.