Web Management Console

Web Based OSS/BSS, Analytics & Partitioning

Core Features

Market Ready – A responsive design interface that dynamically resizes to fit any screen size and that can be easily branded for reseller identity.  The Web Management Console is ready to deploy and highly intuitive providing secure access to system and subscriber management.

Reduces OPEX – The Web Management Console helps reduce operational costs by providing efficient system and account management task completion and by offloading common reseller responsibilities directly to your white label operators.

Drives Revenue – Easily, securely and quickly add new services to a subscriber account, on-board resellers and provide them with the ability to deploy unlimited white label programs.  With rich, graphical dashboard analytics intelligent decisions can be made to help expand successful programs and adjust underperforming ones.

Builds Loyalty – Subscriber loyalty is driven by customer service being empowered to provide quick and accurate answers to customer account questions and the ability to turn up new account services and features.  Reseller loyalty is enhanced when they are able to build on their own brand and when they are positioned for success through white label program growth and access to intelligent business analytics. 

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The Web Management Console provides secure and partitioned access for anytime and anywhere OSS/BSS access to the Talking SIP™ platform.  Responsive in design, the Web Management Console dynamically scales to fit any screen size be it a smartphone, tablet, PC or a Mac.  As a responsive and scalable .NET application, the Web Management Console provides comprehensive and ubiquitous access from any web browser.  Login is based on assignable user rights that allows the host operator to define the appropriate access privileges based on a person’s job role and responsibilities in the network and have him/her assigned to any partitioned hosted white label operator in the system.

Anytime and anywhere access to network operations is a must in today’s competitive real-time environment. To operate a successful telecom business carriers need to stay abreast of the operational and financial health of their business in order to be able to adapt quickly to the evolving needs of the customer and the competitive market forces — the Web Management Console delivers on these core objectives.

The Web Management Console gives users the ability to simply login from any web browser in order to be granted full and comprehensive access to a suite of Talking SIP services.  Using multiple web-enabled access devices users can readily look up subscriber account information, apply payments/credits, manage subscribers, provision new services and create new billing programs.  The Web Management Console makes it very easy to modify billing schedules and billing plans, build and/or modify IMSI profiles, enable/disable SIMs and create custom feature codes to name just a few of the on-demand capabilities the Web Management Console supports.  The Web Management Console includes a customizable dashboard that loads immediately upon login to provide users with a graphical and tabular overview of the health and status of one’s operation and provides useful information such as active calls and account group composition and their associated account statuses. 

The Web Management Console (WMC) is an intuitive, web-based application that is secure, feature-rich, agile and responsive.  The WMC can be used by Customer Service Representatives, System Administrators and Resellers alike to manage subscriber accounts and system network information in a secure and partitioned architecture.   

The following is a list of some of the features and functionality of Talking SIP™’s Web Management Console: 


  • Included analytics and real-time monitoring
  • Graphical and near real-time representation in an attractive and intuitive format
  • Display multiple dashboard elements at a time

Account Management

  • Add accounts individually
  • Generate accounts in batch
  • View account billing history
  • View account session logs
  • Apply payments screen with integrated credit card processing
  • Apply account credits
  • New services enrollment
  • Account ALIAS/ANI registration
  • Create SIP registration credentials and assignment to REALMs
  • Manage Account Groups
  • Manage Classes of Services

Rate Managment

  • Setup time of day and day of week Rate Schedules
  • Easily import and export rate decks
  • Add, edit and modify Rate Plans
  • Set rates by call type (SIP, CAMEL MO/MT, USSD MO/MT, Data and SMS MO/MT), IMSI profile and destination
  • Add Surcharges
  • Unlimited Rate Tier billing
  • Unlimited plan bundles
  • Supports prepaid, postpaid and credit limited billing
  • Create Group, Corporate and MLM billing models with parent/child level control and granularity

Cost Management

  • Implement Cost Schedules by time of day and day of week
  • Create Cost Plans, Cost Tiers and Surcharges to track and recover usage costs as well as gain insightful analytics for network profitability reporting

Mobility Management

  • Create and/or modify MAP Portals for signaling access to the core MNO network
  • Create and/or modify IMSI profiles
  • Activate or deactivate SIMs
  • Turn on/off SIM service notifications
  • Create and/or modify custom network and services feature codes

User Management

  • Create users
  • Assign user credentials
  • Enroll users in User Groups that are specific to user’s role and responsibilities in the host operator or white label operator’s network


  • Developed using .NET 4.5 for dynamic content rendering
  • May be used with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) for additional security
  • Supports PC, Mac, tablet and smartphone