Web, DTMF and XML


The Payment Gateway Server in conjunction with the included Service Charge module allows account balances to be monitored for prepaid debit cardholders. After an account passes a certain threshold the caller is provided with the choice of having their account recharged online and in real time via a credit card. This module offers great convenience to the cardholder and generates revenue on the platform without requiring costly human intervention.

The Payment Gateway Server can also be used with the Credit Card Recharge module as well as the optional End User Web Interface. The Credit Card Recharge module allows callers the flexibility and convenience of being able to recharge their prepaid (debit) accounts using a credit card and a touch tone telephone. This self-service recharge mechanism helps to increase customer retention by allowing customers the convenience of being able to recharge their existing account while also being able to control when their account is recharged and by how much. By avoiding having customer service representatives manually process recharges, the self-service nature of this module also helps to reduce support costs.

The Payment Gateway Server supports a whole slew of merchant banks such as First Data, Authorize.net, PayPal Pro and many more.  We also include a documented XML specification for integration with International banking institutions.  In addition, the Payment Gateway Server is tightly integrated into our End-user Web Interface providing for automated subscriber signup via the web without any human intervention.

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