M2M & IoT Platform

M2M / IoT Billing Platform

Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and The Internet of Things (IoT) is the fastest growing area of connectivity with devices now surpassing humans in numbers.  From cars to vending machines, security systems to health care, it seems everything is connected these days.  A Communications Service Provider (CSP) competing in this space requires an M2M – IoT platform that provides real-time billing, SIM provisioning and multi-IMSI profile management.  With high transaction rates and critical service delivery requirements CSPs must focus on selecting an M2M – IoT platform that is scalable, reliable and highly extensible.  Talking SIP Mobility provides this and so much more.    

  • Highly scalable platform for high transaction based services with ability to deploy in a centralized, decentralized or hybrid configuration.
  • Console based interface included and an optional web management interface is available.
  • Future proof platform that addresses current M2M needs, but also enables your network for growth into other lucrative vertical markets both in the mobile and VoIP space.

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M2M / IoT Billing Platform

Billing is critical to any service delivery platform and M2M and IoT services are no different.  Whether billing end customers on a prepaid basis or corporate customers on a credit limited or postpaid basis it will behoove the CSP to select an M2M – IoT platform that is capable of real-time billing.  The ability to build out flexible, creative and competitive customer and/or service specific rate plans and schedules allows the CSP to tailor the commercials for any offering.  Since service and billing is conducted in real-time service cutoff when a prepaid balance or credit limit is reached is automatic, which greatly limits financial exposure.  Transaction detail records are written and available in real-time and analytical reporting is always current providing the best and most up-to-date insight into business operations and profitability.  

  • Data roaming with carrier blocking.
  • Real-time billing (prepaid, credit limited and postpaid).
  • Parent/child relationship billing with group, corporate and MLM models.
  • Usage based billing (per MB).
  • Event based billing.
  • Billing by time of day and day of week as well as full or partial IMSI, MSC, MCC and MNC.
  • Real-time service cutoff upon balance depletion, or credit limit being reached.
  • Real-time access to transaction detail records.
M2M / IoT Billing Platform

Talking SIP Mobility’s real-time capabilities extend to SIM provisioning for service enablement, activation/deactivation and multi-IMSI profile management.  Shared plan capabilities across a group of devices all feeding from a single billing account with real-time balance and usage tracking add further value to Talking SIP Mobility’s flexibility and market leadership.  Talking SIP Mobility offers unmatched M2M – IoT platform extensibility through an open and published SQL database schema, Web Services API and custom analytic reporting engine empowering the CSP with a platform capable of adapting to the ever-changing needs of the market.

  • Multi-IMSI support and profile management.
  • Bulk SIM upload.
  • Real-time SIM activation and deactivation via HLR.
  • Multiple MAP Portal support for redundancy and partitioning.
  • Pre-scheduling SIM services for auto activate/deactivate.
  • Robust reporting with 136 included reports and optional custom reporting tool.
  • Open architecture for third party integration via robust Web Services API, and/or direct SQL database access via our published database schema.