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Satellite Voice Billing Platform

How Satellite Operators Drive Revenue and Profits through Value Added Voice Services

Working out at sea, in the air or at a remote site is difficult and challenging in the best of conditions.  Staying in touch with friends and family as well as being able to conduct personal business back home is a vital requirement for the welfare and morale of remote workers.  Satellite Operators can reduce the perceived distance between work and home and help move the work/life balance towards harmony by providing the remote connectivity and value added enhanced services that facilitate these personal connections.

At IVR Technologies we have been enabling value added voice services for Satellite Operators for decades and we are pleased to share our experience in creating compelling voice applications that build connections while driving revenue and profits for Satellite Operators servicing the marine, defense and oil/gas industries. 

The following are some of the in-demand enhanced services we offer to Satellite Operators:

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Satellite Voice Billing Platform

Prepaid Calling Card

The Prepaid Calling card service provides secure prepaid calling capabilities where the company can provide access with options for cost recovery, revenue generation and/or governed usage.  With this service, the subscriber is manually or automatically authenticated into the system and then prompted for the destination number he/she wishes to call.  Voice prompting can be in any supported language for personalized service to help subscribers feel at home even though they are far away.  Account balance management can be unified across multiple services and automatically topped up when the available credit drops below a certain threshold or on-demand from a convenient web portal or through voice guided IVR prompting.

Satellite Voice Billing Platform

Auto-Attendant, PBX & Voice Messaging

This service provides enterprise customers with a custom branded auto-attendant with PBX features and robust voice messaging.  Setup extension dialing with delivery of calls to remote sites either directly or via the find me/follow me features in order to track down users and deliver their calls wherever they may be.  Ideal for reaching crew on airplanes, ships and remote sites wherever satellite connectivity exists.  With the Auto-attendant and PBX Module the company’s PBX can follow and adapt to the business’ growing and dynamic presence that may not be fixed to any particular physical site.

Satellite Voice Billing Platform

Mobile Roaming SIMs

While services are commonly used when working remotely they are typically abandoned once the worker goes on leave or returns home. By integrating a mobile SIM service Satellite Operators can provide value and service regardless of location, helping to generate additional usage while utilizing a unified subscriber account with single payment.  This service provides increased revenues for the Satellite Operator regardless of whether the subscriber is on or off the satellite network. 

Satellite Voice Billing Platform

OTT Softphone Services

Through the ubiquity and power of today’s smartphones Satellite Operators can utilize third-party softphone clients or they can develop their own to provide employees/customers with a brandable client that provides very tight mobile integration and natural calling capabilities that utilize the satellite and/or mobile data network.  Satellite Operators can offer their white label customers a tailored mobile application that enables and promotes usage at home or when working remotely for voice calling, messaging and video. 

Satellite Voice Billing Platform

Termination & Redirection

The Termination and Redirection service allows direct dial inbound services with reverse billing to provide business partners, vendors, friends and/or family the ability to call a local or toll-free number to reach remote workers or sites.  This service provides the option of the calling party not having to incur toll charges or dial international numbers that may change at a moment’s notice. Route toll, toll-free and virtual numbers to remote destinations and bill the called party for usage in real-time (prepaid, postpaid and credit limited).

Satellite Voice Billing Platform


Conferencing allows local and remote parties to join a conference room and conduct scheduled or on-demand virtual meetings when an on-site meeting is just not feasible or is cost prohibitive.  The conferencing application supports reservation and reservation-less based conferences with partitioned billing, moderator or peer modes, participant limits, custom branding, custom on-hold music and several announcement and departure notifications.  Integrated into the callback service and with powerful database and web integrations it supports the creation of web based conferencing portals and conference management to allow attendees to join a conference automatically or by calling a shared or dedicated access number into the conference.

Satellite Voice Billing Platform

Browser Based Administration

Subscriber signup, administration, service analytics and Rate Plan modifications can all be done securely and from any device (e.g. smartphone, desktop or tablet).  Through a ubiquitous and user-friendly browser based web portal captains or management can quickly on-board a new crew member/employee for communication services, add more stored value to an account, change a billing plan and/or get analytical insight into the services being utilized.  Multiple browser based payment methods are supported for credit cards, cash and vouchers.  Through the browser the Satellite Operator can brand and service any number of its customers and assign management access to each entity on a secure partitioned basis empowering and offloading control to the end customer.  Multi-currencies are supported so subscriber billing can be provided in native currencies.

IVR Technologies provides advanced software solutions to Satellite Operators globally on either a CAPEX (on premise) or OPEX (cloud) commercial model.  If you are a Satellite Operator interested in growing revenues, profits and providing compelling and in-demand services to your enterprise and government customers then our team of experts can help.