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May 15

Mobile Devices to Put More Strain on Networks by 2016

A new survey by Juniper Research has found that notebook computers and e-readers will onload 24 percent of traffic onto data networks by 2016, Cellular-News reports.The prevalence of game consoles, tablets, and smartphones will also increase the load placed on mobile networks, an amount of data reaching over 7,500 petabytes. The figure is due to… Read more
May 1

Smart Phone Subsidies, Prepaid Pose Key Issues for Mobile Service Providers

Smart phones represent a bit of a conundrum for mobile service providers. On one hand, smart phones drive sales of mobile data plans that are the primary source of new revenue at the moment. On the other hand, most consumers do not want to pay full retail prices for the latest devices, preferring service contracts that amortize the cost of a… Read more