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Dec 15

The Convergent Charging Market is Expected to Reach $4.2 billion in 2017, says Infonetics

According to Infonetics Research's Convergent Charging Software and Services report, the convergent charging market is expected to reach $4.2 billion in 2017 with growth coming from an increase in licenses in emerging markets and services spending in developed markets. The report which tracks charging software built to handle multiple… Read more
Dec 1

M2M Among Trending Tech with Big Futures

As we get closer to the new year, there are a couple of technologies that are going to be big time trenders in 2014. Most of the top technologies in 2014 are those that serve dual purposes, technology that can help people at home and help businesses do their jobs are going to be big next year and beyond. Verizon Enterprises recently put a report… Read more
Nov 15

IVR Technologies Announces the Release of Talking SIP 3.12

Newest release of Talking SIP offers improved carrier class functionality, global e-commerce compatibility and streamlined network management for next-generation carriers.

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Nov 15

Mobile broadband subscriptions to exceed 2 billion this year

Global mobile broadband subscriptions are forecast to exceed 2 billion in 2013 and 8 billion by 2019, according to the latest edition of the Ericsson Mobility Report (.pdf). Mobile phone subscriptions totaled 6.6 billion up to and including the 2013 third quarter, with 113 million subscriptions added during the latest quarter, according to the… Read more
Nov 1

Mobile Data Revenues Rise Even As Rates Drop

Average mobile Internet data rates in the world’s 20 cheapest markets dropped 17.7% on average from 3Q 2012-3Q 2013, according to a new report from ABI Research, driven lower in the main “by fierce competition and increased network capacity 4G roll-outs.” ABI estimates that 38% of the lowest priced data plans worldwide are 4G tariffs. That… Read more
Oct 15

The 2020 network: How our communications infrastructure will evolve

Let’s start with two basic questions: In the year 2020, what will the network look like? What are the technology building blocks that will make up that network? In order to answer these questions, we need to examine some likely truths about the telecom industry, and understand what current realities are shaping decisions about the future. The $1… Read more
Oct 1

CEA: U.S. Smartphones Used 114 Minutes Daily (Only 23 Minutes for Talking)

U.S. smartphone owners are spending much more time using mobile data services than they are talking on their mobile devices, according to the latest research from the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA). On average, U.S. smartphone owners now spend 114 minutes daily using their mobile devices, according to CEA’s “Smartphones: Consumer… Read more
Sep 15

Mobile Accounts Outnumber Fixed Lines More than 6:1

Explaining what is going on globally, in the communications business, sometimes is a matter of nuances, and sometimes is drop dead simple. The drop dead simple part is the role played by mobile services, which outnumbered fixed voice lines by about 4.5 to one in 2009, and now outnumber fixed connections by about six to one. ITU Access LInes… Read more
Sep 1

M2M and MVNOs driving US connections growth

According to GSMA Intelligence research, MVNO and M2M services are playing an important role in boosting US mobile operators’ quarterly connection gains, often offsetting slowing growth in traditional mobile services. Mobile operators in the US typically define wholesale connections as MVNO connections that they often group with M2M connections… Read more
Aug 15

Survey Reveals the Future for Traditional Billing and IN Charging

As data becomes the main focus for many mobile operators, there is an on-going debate about the future of traditional batch based billing for post-paid and Intelligent Network (IN) pre-paid charging infrastructures.  A recent survey by Openet has compiled operators’ views on this, highlighting some of the key challenges they have been facing… Read more