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Dec 15

Mobile Roaming Revenues to exceed $80 Billion by 2017

Mobile roaming, with growth powered especially by use of data services out of region, will grow to more than $80 billion by 2017, compared to $46 billion in 2012. Mobile data will provide most of the growth, if not the absolute greatest volume of revenue, generating about $35 billion in revenue by 2017, when data roaming revenues will represent… Read more
Dec 1

Fight or Flight is the Fundamental Service Provider Choice

Many global service providers now face a classic “fight or flight” choice. Faced with an immediate threat to life, humans experience physiological changes that prepare them to respond to an immediate stress by fighting or fleeing. Some might argue that service providers now face similar choices. The “fight” response can be seen in service… Read more
Nov 15

Global Mobile Subs are 6.8 Billion, 5.9 Billion or 3.2 Billion, Depending on How You Count

In the fourth quarter of 2012, total mobile connections globally stood at 6.8 billion, including machine-to machine (M2M) accounts, or 5.9 billion excluding M2M and inactive SIM cards, according to GSMA Wireless Intelligence. The role of users with multiple subscriber identification modules (SIMs) cannot be overestimated. Wireless Intelligence… Read more
Nov 1

U.S. Mobile Penetration Hits 101%

U.S. mobile penetration has hit 101 percent, meaning there are more mobile devices in use than there are people in the United States, according to the latest tally from CTIA-The Mobile Association. Among the headline findings: There are some 321.7 million U.S. mobile subscriber connections, representing 101 percent penetration. In June 2012 there… Read more
Oct 15

OTT App Providers, Telcos and Cable "Think Different" About "Out of Region" Sales

It is no secret that app providers and telecom, mobile, satellite and cable service providers "think different" about their respective "customer" bases and prospects. All access providers necessarily must work within frameworks set by regulators on a country by country, state by state or locality by locality basis.   There are franchises… Read more
Oct 1

“Unlimited” or Shared Data Plans Mostly are Marketing Platforms, at the Moment

The overwhelming majority of customers on AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon networks studied by NPD Connected Intelligence don't even use 2 GBytes worth of mobile data per month, which suggests most consumers do not need “unlimited” service plans. For that matter, the new Verizon Wireless "Share Everything" plans seem unlikely to have… Read more
Sep 15

Worldwide Mobile Data Traffic to Surpass 107 Exabytes in 2017, Says ABI Research

A new forecast from ABI Research shows that the global volume of mobile data traffic could exceed 107 Exabytes in 2017. According to the research firm, this total traffic volume will be eight times more than what is expected for 2012. Although the numbers may sound huge, they shouldn’t be understood as yet another warning of the untamable data… Read more
Sep 1

Global Shift to 'Value' in Communications is Coming

According to industry revenue trends, many developed country markets illustrate the importance of new revenue sources, and might also indirectly point to changing consumer demand profiles. U.K. service provider revenue, for example, has been largely flat since about 2006. Other tier-one service providers in Europe have seen revenue declines… Read more
Aug 15

Data will be 65% of Total U.S. Mobile Revenue by 2016

Data revenue will grow to 65 percent of total U.S. wireless service revenue as voice declines to 35 percent in 2016, according to Hugues de la Vergne, principal research analyst at Gartner.What might not yet be so clear is how the industry will get to that point. Growing adoption of smart phones, with the new and significant data plan revenue, will… Read more
Aug 1

SIP Trunking Set to Explode

Try beating a growth rate of 770 percent over the next five years. That’s the expected global growth rate of Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunking over the next five years, according to a recent article by Hamid Qayyum, VP of MSO Sales at Metaswitch. SIP trunking, which delivers Voice-over-IP (VoIP) and streaming media services to customers… Read more