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Dec 31

2009 in Review

As 2009 draws to a close one cannot help but reflect upon the year that was, and what the year ahead, with all its promise, will bring. While the economy and its recovery, real or imagined, played a large part of 2009, the mainstream introduction of HD Voice in 2009 had VoIP finally showing what it was capable of, rather than what it could emulate… Read more
Dec 28

Hosted Call and Contact Center Services – A High Growth & Revenue Generating Market Opportunity

The hosted call and contact center market is a lucrative market for the next-generation VoIP service provider that offers a tremendous opportunity for revenue and margin growth.  While many service providers offer termination and SIP trunking services to the call and contact center markets, they most often miss out on the added margins associated… Read more
Dec 16

Christmas Comes Early at Google

Christmas came early for Google employees this past weekend when Google handed out the “Google Phone”, an HTC-built device called the Nexus One.  Google calls the distribution a “mobile lab” and it puts to rest rumors that have been swirling for two years about a Google phone, but it also brings into question Google's previous assurances… Read more
Dec 4

Mobile International Long Distance - The Last High Margin Frontier

According to a report from IDATE, “the world telecom services market was estimated at US$1,365 billion in 2008 - a 4.2% increase over the year before - and is expected to be worth over US$1,416 billion in 2009. With a total turnover estimated at US$742.2 billion in 2008, mobile services account for 54% of the telecom services market and single… Read more
Oct 30

VoIP enhanced telephony services drove nearly $20.7 billion in revenues during the first six months of 2009

Next-generation service providers take note; according to Infonetics Research ( recently released biannual VoIP and UC Services and Subscribers report, VoIP enhanced telephony services drove nearly $20.7 billion in revenues during the first six months of 2009.    Infonetics' report is further support and validation… Read more
Oct 12

IVR Technologies Announces the Release of Talking SIP 3.6

IVR Technologies, Inc. releases new revenue generating services and feature enhancements for their next-generation SIP-Based media, application and real-time billing server

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Sep 8

Barry Sher Of IVR Technologies, Inc. Featured On TMCnet Interview

In a TMCnet interview, Barry Sher, vice president of business development at IVR Technologies, Inc. has stated that retail services is the strongest segment of the communication industry. IVR is an LA based software development company that provides a fully integrated application, media and billing server to next-generation networks.

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Aug 17

IVR Technologies, Inc Receives 2009 Los Angeles Award

IVR Technologies, Inc has been selected for the 2009 Los Angeles Award in the Systems Software Development Services category by the U.S. Commerce Association (USCA).

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Aug 16

FCC Investigates Apple and AT&T for Google Voice App Rejection from Apple's App Store

  According to Bernstein Research analyst Toni Sacconaghi the Apple iPhone has captured 31.8% of the mobile industry profit for the first half of the year and is responsible for 83.5% of Apple's profits. Introduced just over two years ago no one can downplay the success of this device, which has changed the mobile phone market forever and forced… Read more
Jul 16

Google Voice and the Changing Telecom Landscape

Google Voice (formerly GrandCentral which was acquired by Google in July of 2007) is about to become available to the masses within a matter of weeks changing the landscape of telecommunications forever.  The service itself is packed full of useful features that streamline message management, improve call routing and enhance personal privacy… Read more