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Dec 13

GSMA wants the world to do more for operators

The trade association that represents the interests of operators has issued a call for more to be done for operators. The catalyst for this move is the culmination of the 11th World Trade Organization (WTO) Ministerial Conference in Argentina. The GSMA wants the world to make its collective regulatory framework more benign for operators… Read more
Nov 17

Deloitte: As Smartphone Penetration Hits 82%, Wireless Industry Thrives

A new report from Deloitte LLP confirms the popularity of smartphones and the health of the wireless industry. Americans as a whole use their mobile phones 12 billion times a day, according to researchers. Additionally, smartphone penetration has reached 82 percent (93 percent for the 18-24 age group). Deloitte LLP published the results in its… Read more
Nov 2

How can CSP’s Limit Fraud in their Networks?

Communication Service Providers (CSP’s) face many challenges in today’s competitive voice services market and fraud is one of the bigger challenges. CSPs operating without the proper logging, reporting or access controls can unwittingly let fraud erode their profitability to the point where it forces them into bankruptcy. Fraud is costly to… Read more
Nov 1

What does next gen OSS look like? No-one knows

It might not be the answer anyone wanted to hear, but it is probably the one they are least surprised to hear. The question of what the next generation of OSS should be was the discussion at the ‘OSS in the Era of SDN & NFV’ event in London, but there isn’t really much of an answer to offer. This isn’t necessarily a massive issue though.… Read more
Sep 1

Where is the line in the sand for zero rating?

It’s a trend which has been growing steadily in the UK, but the line has not been found yet; when are zero rating offerings going to irk the bureaucrats of the telco world? Vodafone has just unveiled VOXI, a young-orientated mobile service which provides zero rating on Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, Pinterest, Snapchat… Read more
Aug 25

How IVR Technologies Empowers Service Providers with Next Generation Converged Mobile and VoIP Network Solution

In today’s highly competitive telecommunication landscape, leveraging Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and mobile devices has become a necessity for many businesses as these solutions promote better communication and help support more flexible working practices for globally distributed workers. While businesses can see the immediate… Read more
Aug 21

From Boeing to SpaceX: 11 companies looking to shake up the satellite space

The FCC granted WorldVu Satellites Ltd., doing business as OneWeb, permission in June to enter the U.S. satellite market. OneWeb wants to build a constellation of 720 satellites to provide internet services across the world and expects to launch its first satellite next year. But it’s far from the only company with designs on space. Despite… Read more
Jul 13

IVR Technologies Expands its Role with Satellite Operators through Participation in the Global VSAT Forum (GVF)

With years of experience and a global base of satellite operators who use IVR Technologies’ Talking SIP enhanced services and real-time billing solution to drive revenue to their networks, we are pleased to showcase our technology and advanced services through the Global VSAT Forum.

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Jun 28

Mobile World Congress Americas September 12 - 14, 2017 San Francisco Moscone Center

IVR Technologies will be attending Mobile World Congress Americas on Wednesday, September 13.  We welcome the opportunity to meet with you in person.  To schedule a meeting time please contact

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Jun 19

5 Drivers to Becoming a Successful Communications Service Provider (CSP)

The following are five of the most important drivers to help a Communication Services Provider (CSP) market their products and build a brand in today’s lucrative but competitive telecommunications market: Building Strong Brand Recognition and a Solid Reputation Make All the Difference To build a strong brand the online and in-store message… Read more