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Oct 12

IVR Technologies Announces the Release of Talking SIP 3.6

IVR Technologies, a leading software developer of IP enhanced services and real-time billing solutions, announced today the availability of Talking SIP 3.6.  Talking SIP is a fully-integrated application, media, and billing server providing class 4/5 switching, registration, location services and enhanced services to next-generation service providers worldwide.

Talking SIP 3.6 continues to build upon the value proposition of the product by adding greater end-user control and new innovative services that drive additional revenue and margin to the service provider’s network while helping to attract subscribers and reduce churn.  This release makes further advancements in streamlining the management of the solution, reducing business overheads, and leveraging the flexibility, power and control that the next-generation network has to offer.


“Talking SIP 3.6 represents a significant development effort in adding new revenue generating services, an HD Voice experience and streamlined services management. 


Conferencing and an HD Voice experience are prime examples of how Talking SIP can help our service provider customers leverage the solution to draw subscribers into their network, differentiate themselves from the competition and distance themselves from commodity level pricing. By adding a primarily inbound service like conferencing providers can now subsidize other more competitive services like calling card. 

Our core objective has always been to deliver innovative retail applications to our customers that drive revenue and build margin to their networks, and Talking SIP 3.6 greatly improves on our ability to do so,” said Barry Sher, VP Business Development, IVR Technologies, Inc.   

The following is a brief overview of some of the features and functionality embodied within this release:

Conferencing – Talking SIP 3.6 offers as an option a high quality, feature-rich and scalable multi-party conferencing engine to support reservation-based and reservation-less conferencing.  Whether you are launching a conference-specific service or offering it as a value add to another service such as calling card or voice mail, Talking SIP’s conferencing services are market-ready and packed full of advanced conferencing features such as partitioned billing, moderator or peer modes, participant limits, custom branding, custom on-hold music and several announcement and departure notifications.  Conferencing is integrated into the Callback features of Talking SIP, and employs powerful database and web controls to support the creation of web based conferencing portals with conference participant management. 

HD Voice - As one of the first commercial application and media servers to support the g.772.1 HD voice codec, Talking SIP 3.6 highlights the added value of communicating over an all IP network as it allows us to jettison the shortcomings and status quo of the legacy PSTN network and offer a new and far more vibrant, rich and fuller audio experience.  With the advent of wideband codecs, users on IP networks are able to receive rich, high-quality sound that greatly improves the communications experience with breathtaking clarity and fullness. Freed from the shackles of the PSTN network, HD voice lets users speak with family, colleagues and prospects with a richness and definition that is almost as good as being there, bridging the distance, enhancing the experience and increasing the level of connection.

Streamlined Management – Talking SIP 3.6 builds on Talking SIP’s usability and management by improving the user interface and providing a tighter integration between account and service management to further streamline and reduce administrative overhead.  

Support and Availability

Talking SIP 3.6 is available for immediate download from the IVR Help Portal for all customers who are within a valid support agreement.  The Conferencing module is available separately, as an option at an additional cost.

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