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Dec 16

ALOE Systems and IVR Technologies Team to Provide Telintel with a Comprehensive Platform for a Complete VoIP business

Toronto, ON – ALOE Systems (formerly MERA Systems), an international developer of VoIP softswitches for wholesale and retail operators, and IVR Technologies, a leading software developer of IP-based enhanced services and real-time billing solutions, have partnered to equip telecom carriers with a complete solution providing effective inter-carrier connect and feature-rich class 5 services.

Telintel needed to build a solid technical infrastructure to deliver local and international telecom services to various operators.  Towards this mandate, after conducting a careful market search, the company deployed MVTS Pro from ALOE Systems for efficient wholesale traffic management and seamless inter-carrier connect, and IVR Technologies’ Talking SIP for providing revenue generating front-end services.

MVTS Pro, a carrier-grade class 4 softswitch with SBC functionality, allows Telintel to efficiently handle large amounts of simultaneous call sessions through the application of adaptive call authorization and routing policies. While Talking SIP, a full-featured application, media and billing server, enables Telintel to drive revenue to the next-generation network and increase profit margins through innovative enhanced services. Jointly deployed on the carrier’s network, MVTS Pro and Talking SIP provide Telintel with the end-to-end SIP communication solution for unmatched network interoperability, performance and reliability.

MVTS Pro enables the carrier to load balance call traffic across an array of Talking SIP call processing servers which promotes redundancy and network scalability. By adhering to industry standards the combined solution can interoperate with a broad range of SIP-enabled devices as well as with the global network of origination/termination carriers.  Both MVTS Pro and Talking SIP have been designed from the ground up to provide carrier-grade scalability and performance at the highest levels of call processing.  In addition, the joint solution is fully optimized to run efficiently in large, high demand networks across the entire suite of applications.

“ALOE Systems is a global technology provider with a robust and resilient product line that we leverage through this partnership to provide the market with a global end-to-end carrier-grade solution,” 
comments Barry Sher, VP Business Development at IVR technologies, “From access, to enhanced services, to termination this combined solution provides a turnkey system that allows next-generation carriers to deploy revenue generating services in the retail and wholesale space quicker, easier and with less administrative overhead.  This solution provides carriers with the peace of mind that they are deploying technology that is market ready, fault tolerant, pre-validated, and field hardened and one that drives revenue to their network while increasing profit margins and customer loyalty. 

"ALOE Systems is excited to be partnering with IVR Technologies thus providing high-end VoIP services to carriers worldwide,”
comments Konstantin Nikashov, CEO of ALOE Systems, “The MVTS Pro and Talking SIP deployment on the carrier’s network allows such a large-scale carrier as Telintel to integrate reliable wholesale switching capabilities with the feature-rich retail services thus creating the end-to-end VoIP platform for efficient wholesale and retail business. We truly believe that the technological partnership with IVR Technologies will help our companies keep abreast with the latest technologies, enable operators to simplify their network management and meet their demand for a full-service offering.”

About ALOE Systems

ALOE Systems develops industry-leading softswitches and session border controllers that enable carriers and service providers to manage VoIP traffic across their networks. ALOE Systems, Inc. is a new identity of MERA Systems, an international telecom software developer with 20+ years of software development expertise. As of August 2010 MERA Systems was renamed “ALOE Systems”, the abbreviation of “A loyalty to excellence” reflecting the company’s field-proven expertise and technological leadership in development of softswitch solutions for wholesale and retail operators. ALOE Systems has 900+ customer deployments in 76 countries. ALOE Systems’ innovations solve today’s challenges and lay the ground for tomorrow’s success. 

About IVR Technologies

IVR Technologies is a reputable software development company in the SIP space for Voice over IP enhanced services and real-time billing solutions. It develops Talking SIP™, an advanced software solution for next generation SIP based networks bringing the network to life. Communicating directly with industry leading softswitches, gateways, IADs and IP phones, Talking SIP™ functions as a fully integrated application, media and billing server, providing leading, in-demand enhanced service applications to the network along with real-time prepaid, postpaid and multi-level billing models with real-time call cut off.