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Aug 1

Business to drive mobile VoIP usage to 83 million seats by 2015

Mobile VoIP usage, like fixed-line VoIP, is continuing to grow in the U.S. as consumers and businesses increasingly adopt the technology, according to a new report that says the total mobile user base could reach 83 million lines by 2015.

"There are several reasons that adoption of mobile VoIP makes sense," says Amy Cravens, a senior analyst for In-Stat, which released the report today. "Some of these include the ability to take the desktop phone experience with you, the ability to utilize the benefits of IP-based communication features, a cheaper international long-distance cost, an easy implementation path and better indoor coverage where cellphone reception has historically been poor."

In-Stat said it expects business mobile VoIP users to increase tenfold over the next five years, with IP PBX users accounting for the majority of business mobile VoIP usage.

Mobile operators are increasingly embracing mobile VoIP as they realize that demand for these offerings is not subsiding, and In-Stat said hotspots open the potential for using VoIP over Wi-Fi as more of a mobile service rather than a residential or business service.

Source: Fierce Enterprise