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Oct 23

IVR Technologies Announces the Release of Talking SIP 3.1

IVR Technologies, a leading software developer for IP enhanced services and real-time billing solutions, today announced the availability of Talking SIP 3.1. Talking SIP 3.1 represents the culmination of a tremendous investment by IVR Technologies in the development of its third generation architecture to further entrench IVR Technologies' leadership position of providing industry leading and revenue-generating applications with the utmost in real-time billing control and flexibility, without sacrificing ease-of-use nor low administrative overhead.

"Talking SIP's signaling, media processing and application scripting components have been completely redesigned to reach new milestones in scalability, performance and control for the next-generation network. We are extremely excited about this release as it provides an amazing foundation upon which to build voice 2.0 applications that highlight the empowerment, flexibility and control that broadband access and voice over IP have to offer", said Randall O. Walrond, V.P. Product Development, IVR Technologies, Inc.

Talking SIP 3.1 is built around a completely redesigned application, media and signaling architecture to serve as the foundation for rich, in-demand applications that capitalize on the ubiquity, access and richness of broadband connectivity.

The following is a brief overview of the features and functionality embodied within this release:

  • International and Web Callback - This optional application allows providers to drive revenue by allowing their customers the ability to trigger callback calls to get a remote dial-tone via SMS, email, telephone, web page or integrated into third party applications via an API to keep customer traffic within your network even when they are traveling out of city, state/province or country. With many creative billing options, this application can even navigate through PBXs and ACDs for use from hotels, motels and corporate offices.
  • Reminder/Wake-up Service - This optional application allows providers to offer wake up and reminder services to their customers for the small office/home office as well as to the hotel, motel and timeshare markets.
  • Improved Performance - Talking SIP 3.1 offers improved performance, reduced CPU load and a reduced memory footprint to allow the application to make better use of the host system's resources and to allow greater levels of responsiveness and scalability. In addition, Talking SIP 3.1 provides greater access to signaling and media to allow greater control and performance tuning for different hardware platforms in addition to voice caching to help optimize text-to-speech playback.
  • Improved Tones - Talking SIP 3.1 adds the ability to play customized ring tones in two-stage calling applications like the Debit Module. This new features allows better internationalization by allowing providers to configure country specific tones like ringing, busy and fast busy to provide their customers with additional levels of comfort when using the system. These tones can be customized to allow opportunities for branding as well as personalization.
  • Asynchronous Voice Prompts - Talking SIP 3.1 now supports asynchronous voice prompts to help streamline call flow and reduce hang times. Now you can be playing voice prompts to the caller while background operations like a credit card or voucher recharge are taking place.
  • Multi-leg Billing for Callback - Talking SIP 3.1 offers the industry's most accurate multi-leg billing engine with dynamic balance updates and on the fly maximum call durations to ensure that callers receive the maximum call time while enforcing all of the credit limits of their accounts.
  • Supports any Codec - Talking SIP 3.1 supports any voice or video codec between calling and called parties to allow proprietary and/or bandwidth appropriate voice and video codecs to be used as well as dynamically changed during a call.
  • Open XML interface Added for Credit Card Processing - Our optional Credit Card Verification Server module now supports Verifone's PC Charge Software, LinkPoint as well as an XML interface to allow third party integration to any banking or financial institution. This module allows for automated web based subscription, as well as web, automated and telephone based recharge.

Support and Availability
Talking SIP 3.1 is available for download from the IVR Help Portal for all customers who are within a valid support agreement. For product sales, business partnerships and reseller inquiries please contact

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IVR Technologies is an advanced software development company emerging as a leader in the SIP space for Voice over IP enhanced services and real-time billing.

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