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Aug 24

IVR Technologies Announces the Release of Talking SIP 3.3

IVR Technologies, a leading software developer for IP enhanced services and real-time billing solutions, today announced the availability of Talking SIP 3.3. We continue to build upon the value proposition of Talking SIP with this release by adding greater end-user control and new innovative services to drive more revenue and margin into the service provider's network. We continue to make great advancements in the ability to streamline the management efficiency of Talking SIP further reducing business overheads that result in less time spent managing the technology and more time for managing the business. We have added new innovative services and end-user empowered features that help to attract subscribers and reduce churn, while highlighting the flexibility, power and control that the next-generation network has to offer.

"Where it used to take multiple vendors and significant investment in equipment and IT resources to integrate disparate network elements into a cohesive solution, Talking SIP now offers enhanced service applications, media, billing, registration and Class 5 features in a single, fully-integrated, feature-rich, software-only, turnkey package", said Barry Sher, VP Business Development, IVR Technologies, Inc.

The following is a brief overview of some of the features and functionality embodied within this release:

  • Class 5 Features - Calling features such as station-to-station dialing, off-premise stations, call forward (all calls, busy, do not disturb, no answer and out-of-service) and anonymous call blocking/rejection have been added.
  • Universal Call Transfer - An innovative feature that allows the subscriber to easily transfer a call from one device (e.g. a landline) to another (e.g. a mobile) regardless of the type of telephone all through preset DTMF keystrokes that can be set at the system or user-level.
  • Highly Scalable Concurrent Caller Capacity - Talking SIP 3.3 doubles the maximum capacity per server or blade from 240 callers to 480 callers allowing for higher density network deployments without the need for heavy investment in server hardware and at the same time reducing management and IT overhead significantly.
  • Flexible Session License Allocation - This new white list functionality allows the service provider the ability to restrict certain Talking SIP nodes to a subset of available session licenses. In addition, this functionality provides for a more secure network framework by requiring all nodes to be explicitly provisioned.
  • Reduced Administrative Overhead - Customers can now quickly turn up new Talking SIP nodes by using the new Copy Node wizard that allows all of the configuration settings of one Talking SIP node to be copied to another with just the click of the mouse.
  • Optional Find Me Services - The optional Find Me, also referred to as One Number Locator, Follow-Me or Simultaneous Ring, is an optional module that provides the convenience of a single telephone number for callers to use to reach subscribers where Talking SIP will automatically call multiple phones simultaneously (e.g. to simulate a PBX hunt group) or sequentially (e.g. office, then mobile, and then voice mail) to connect them. Custom branding, access and answer passwords, custom ring tones, call screening, on-hold music and destination specific timeouts are just some of the amazing features of this module.
  • Web Enabled Subscriber Call Control and Administration - Subscribers can now manage from a single web login who can and cannot call them and they can even specify how inbound callers are blocked (e.g. silent disconnect, busy, fastbusy, do not disturb, out of service and more). When coupled with our optional Intelligent Email Agent the system can send an email to the subscriber informing them whenever a blocked caller dials their number.
  • Integrated Credit Card Payment Processing - Customer service agents now have the ability, through the Telephony Management Console (TMC), to process credit card transactions through the account credit screen eliminating the need for multiple or remote credit card terminals. This new functionality provides for live customer service processing of account recharges with a higher level of subscriber care and/or security.

Support and Availability
Talking SIP 3.3 is available for download from the IVR Help Portal for all customers who are within a valid support agreement. For product sales, business partnerships and reseller inquiries please contact

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IVR Technologies is an advanced software development company emerging as a leader in the SIP space for Voice over IP enhanced services and real-time billing.

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