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Apr 26

IVR Technologies, Inc. Partners with Acrobits, S.R.O. for Integrated OTT SIP Softphone and WebRTC Client Solutions

Los Angeles, CA – April 26, 2016 – IVR Technologies, a leading software development company providing mobile and VoIP enhanced services as well as real-time billing solutions to mobile and next-generation carrier networks, has partnered with Acrobits, an innovator of OTT SIP and WebRTC client applications. The integrated Cloud Softphone solution provides mobile and VoIP operators with a branded client that is both highly extensible via a comprehensive Web Services API architecture, and fully configurable through an intuitive and powerful web management portal. The combination of Acrobits’ Cloud Softphone and IVR’s Talking SIP platform allows CSPs to drive additional revenue and subscriber engagement while enhancing the subscriber’s ability to communicate over any network, from anywhere in the world, in a cost-effective and intuitive manner.    

Cloud Softphone offers our CSP customers a quick and easy way to rapidly brand and customize a mobile client offering, as well as the tools to create and utilize QR codes to streamline subscriber credential delivery and registration to the Talking SIP platform. Cloud Softphone supports the following robust set of client features: 

  • Full carrier branding
  • Corporate Apple App Store and Google Play presence
  • Web portal client management
  • iPhone iOS and Android support
  • Desktop WebRTC version
  • Push notification support for app wake up on inbound calls and messages
  • Call recording
  • Call transfer
  • Balance checking integration
  • Contact book integration
  • Native dialer integration
  • Call through and Callback dialer
  • History log
  • Video
  • In-app and SMS based messaging support
  • Call Conferencing 

IVR Technologies, Inc. has always regarded the Acrobits softphone as one of the most stable and feature-rich products of its type in the industry.  Acrobits emerged as an early leader in the softphone market, and they continue to show leadership with their Cloud Softphone product.   

Cloud Softphone is a robust and comprehensive over the top (OTT) mobile SIP VoIP client that provides our customers with the flexibility and control to design, configure, and brand a softphone offering with great ease and time-to-market advantage that is second to none.  With its rich web portal, flexible web services API architecture, an a la carte features and deployment model, and comprehensive branding options, Cloud Softphone is a wonderful and seamless complement to the Talking SIP platform, and Acrobits is a welcome addition to our ecosystem,” said Randall Walrond, IVR Technologies’ Vice-President of Product Development. 

Acrobits has always held IVR Technologies’ ability to furnish service providers with innovative, revenue-generating, and user-friendly solutions in high regard, and IVR Technologies has been an excellent and very strong partner over the years. Combining multiple aspects of network communications into a software-only solution, Talking SIP’s affordability, flexibility and integration has helped countless firms reduce their time-to-market and has made it an industry leading solution. The integration of Acrobits’ Mobile and WebRTC clients with Talking SIP’s billing and services platform has greatly increased our companies’ ability to offer our respective clients feature-rich, cohesive, and affordable solutions, keeping them and their customers connected and communicating worldwide,” said Rafael Torreblanca, Acrobits’ VP of Business Development. 

About IVR Technologies

IVR Technologies is a leading software development company providing mobile and Voice over IP enhanced services and real-time billing solutions to mobile and next-generation carrier networks.

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About Acrobits

Acrobits empowers global telephone network operators and business telephone switch integrators in their delivery of IP-based voice, video and multi messaging services on smartphones and tablet computers through Acrobits’ advanced mobile VoIP applications and integrated solutions. 

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