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Jul 8

IVR Technologies Teams with Voxbone to Deliver Virtual SIP Origination Services Worldwide

IVR Technologies, Inc., a leading software developer of IP-based enhanced services and real-time billing solutions, and Voxbone SA, the leading worldwide provider of local telephone numbers and VoIP transport to communications service providers and businesses, have partnered to extend the reach of carriers' SIP-based applications to subscribers around the world. With the successful completion of interoperability testing, applications running on IVR Technologies' Talking SIP™ platform, including customizable IVR, enhanced services and billing, are now locally accessible via Voxbone's global IP network and its toll-free and DID numbers in 5,000 cities. "Local" availability ensures that callers in the geographic areas of these DIDs pay little or nothing to call and reach these applications.

IVR Technologies' advanced software platform combines five traditionally separate network elements -- application, media, real-time billing, location/registration and Class 5 services -- into a single, tightly integrated server for SIP-based voice-over-IP networks. Talking SIP is designed to drive revenue to the network by providing intelligent and in-demand applications that attract users and reduce turnover through innovative features, creative billing options, customizability and end-user empowerment.

Voxbone provides a complete set of inbound VoIP services to carriers, ITSPs, calling card operators, call centers and other businesses around the world. The Voxbone network allows businesses to obtain virtual phone numbers in 5,000 cities around the world from a single source, with a rich API for real-time provisioning and integration to third-party management tools.

Through its VoxDID or Vox800 (for toll-free) services, Voxbone can allocate large blocks of numbers in many countries and forward incoming calls to the carrier's infrastructure, acting as a gateway from the PSTN to Talking SIP. Charges are based on a fixed monthly fee and include unlimited inbound calling; there are no per-minute fees. In addition, Voxbone's Global VoIP Trunk service enables businesses to share the capacity for all their virtual phone numbers on one common trunk. With this service, there is no need to provision one T1 in each country, there is no need to know anything about TDM, and there is no need to pay per-minute fees. Customers can manage the capacity allocated to each of their local numbers according to their needs, with maximum flexibility.

"IVR Technologies sees tremendous value in Voxbone's virtual SIP services for global call origination. With the local presence provided by Voxbone, and Talking SIP's innovative and in-demand enhanced services, providers can now grow their subscriber base and drive additional revenue to their network while avoiding the capital expenditure as well as the engineering and regulatory overhead of setting up their own local points of presence," said Barry Sher, vice president of Business Development, IVR Technologies, Inc.

"The combination of Talking SIP's media, application and billing functions and Voxbone's DID numbers can make a regional/national IP carrier into a global one," said Sebastien d' Ursel, Sales and Marketing Director of Voxbone SA. "With our network of local and toll-free numbers, a carrier's information line, calling card, voice mail and even its call terminations are made accessible to most of the world's wired and wireless PSTN phones."

About IVR Technologies:

IVR Technologies is an advanced software development company emerging as a leader in the SIP space for Voice over IP enhanced services and real-time billing.

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About Voxbone SA:

Headquartered in Brussels, Belgium, Voxbone provides worldwide DID numbers and toll-free phone numbers over its own private intercontinental VoIP network. The all-IP architecture of the Voxbone core network enables customers to rapidly deploy new communications services with local presence, while simultaneously reducing costs. Voxbone leases international DID numbers and toll-free numbers via VoIP to organizations in North and South America, Europe and Asia/Pacific regions. It delivers high-quality call origination and provides the global infrastructure that enables its customers to expand to international markets quickly and efficiently. Using these numbers, Voxbone customers may receive inexpensive, locally dialed phone calls from 43 countries. Founded in 2002, the company is privately held.

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