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Dec 15

Mobile Roaming Revenues to exceed $80 Billion by 2017

Mobile roaming, with growth powered especially by use of data services out of region, will grow to more than $80 billion by 2017, compared to $46 billion in 2012. Mobile data will provide most of the growth, if not the absolute greatest volume of revenue, generating about $35 billion in revenue by 2017, when data roaming revenues will represent about eight percent of total mobile service provider revenues, says Juniper Research.

Still, that means voice roaming will account for $45 billion in 2017. Western Europe will continue to be the region where roaming revenue is the most significant revenue contributor. Lower roaming fees, often mandated by regulators, actually will help. As any economist might say, lowering the price of any product tends to increase consumption of those products.  

Source: IP Carrier