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Feb 1

Telecom Predictions 2012

It’s time to look ahead to 2012 and be hopeful. Stay cool about the global turmoil. Instead be awed by the extraordinary technology of telecom and its life-changing impact on mobile commerce and payments. The game keeps changing, powered by smartphones, tablets, mobile apps and phone card enhancements. In the next year, wireless services are poised to continue their spectacular growth. A study from Atlantic-ACM indicates that prepaid wireless revenues are likely to grow to $25.3 billion by 2015, compared to $19.3 billion in 2010. Numerous other studies show that global mobile revenues will hit USD$1 trillion in 2012. “Much of that growth will come from non-voice services as mobile internet expands and penetration in developing countries continues,” said Patrick Neill, vice president of International Business Development for Emida. By 2012, mobile apps are projected to generate more than $15 billion in app store revenues from end-users alone, according to Gartner. Digital devices empowered by apps are generating a seismic shift in the internet-connected world, creating limitless opportunity that extends beyond the horizon and into the cloud. How do our prepaid experts foresee the impact of mobile telecom? What consumer trends are redefining commerce? Is the end near for hard cards? What software is helping prepaid operators avoid churn and build loyalty? Will banks get in on mobile transactions? How big is mobile marketing? Click here to read some valuable insights and predictions we received from top minds in prepaid:

Source: the PrepaidPress an article by Arlene Hauben