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Nov 1

U.S. Mobile Penetration Hits 101%

U.S. mobile penetration has hit 101 percent, meaning there are more mobile devices in use than there are people in the United States, according to the latest tally from CTIA-The Mobile Association. Among the headline findings: There are some 321.7 million U.S. mobile subscriber connections, representing 101 percent penetration. In June 2012 there were 306 million subscriptions (a five percent increase).

There was in 2011 a 37 percent increase in smart phone devices, with 130.8 million smartphones or wireless-capable PDAs now active, up from 95.8 million in June 2011. There are 300.4 million active data-capable devices, up from 278.3 million in June 2011, and 21.6 million mobile-enabled tablets, laptops and modems, up 42 per cent from the 15.2 million in June 2011.

Source: IP Carrier