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Mar 31

WEBINAR: Learn how to Drive Revenue, Increase Profit Margins, Reduce Costs, and Build Your Subscriber Base

How do you as a service provider achieve competitive advantage and success in today’s challenging marketplace? How do you reduce your operational costs while driving higher demand services to your network? How do you reduce churn, instill loyalty and increase your subscriber base?

Today’s highly competitive landscape with razor thin profit margins makes it imperative that service providers like you create service offerings with your subscriber in mind in order to foster loyalty and grow your customer base. In addition, service offerings need to be in-demand and differentiated enough to ensure competitive advantage, and operational costs must be effectively managed and controlled in order to ensure the survival of your business.

Please join IVR Technologies’ Barry Sher and Randall Walrond as they provide a comprehensive and in-depth presentation on market trends and opportunities, driving revenue to the network, building customer loyalty, prudent fiscal management, and potential areas of concern for the next-generation network.

If you are a traditional carrier migrating to VoIP, a new or existing next-generation service provider or someone considering investing in this market, this will be a presentation you cannot afford to miss.

What Attendees will learn:

  • How to drive revenue through value added services.
  • How to increase profit margins by migrating away from
    origination and termination services.
  • How to capture your share of the lucrative and fast growing
    desktop and mobile (Smartphone) markets.
  • How to reduce operational costs by consolidating the network, leveraging VoIP technology, implementing real-time billing and flattening your network architecture.
  • How to leverage the web and bundle services to build your
    subscriber base and increase their loyalty.

Who should attend?

  • Network Operators & SIP trunking providers - executives, product managers, and network architects interested in deploying in-demand enhanced services and creative, real-time billing solutions.
  • Telecom equipment manufacturers and system integrators - product managers and software architects interested in providing an end-to-end solution.
  • Telecom consultants that are tasked with finding innovative and proven infrastructure solutions that can help their next-generation service provider clients build their business.



After the presentation, the Webinar will be open for a live Q&A.  
Be sure to have your questions ready!


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