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Mar 1

Billing for the Next-Generation VoIP Network Operator

In today's difficult economic climate and highly competitive telecommunications landscape, it has become ever more challenging for the next-generation VoIP network operator to build a successful business. Whether you are offering SIP Trunking services with wholesale long distance services or the more lucrative retail VoIP services, collecting on monthly service bills can be difficult and protracted. In order to insulate the network operator from slow collections, bad debt, and the additional resources required to following up on accounts receivables, network operators are now turning their attention to the deployment of real-time billing solutions and automated electronic payment solutions.


With today's state-of-the-art technology, which is both feature rich and easily integrated into the network, new and creative billing programs and innovative payment types can be quickly deployed. This technology allows the next-generation VoIP network operator to bill accounts based on their credit merit and relationship in either a prepaid, postpaid, credit limited or unlimited credit configuration. More sophisticated carrier-grade solutions also offer tightly integrated e-commerce solutions for daily, weekly and monthly account charges via credit card and automated account top up when a low account balance threshold has been reached.


While the return on investment for network operators may vary, the return will come, and it will come in the ability to provide services to more credit challenged markets with limited exposure and risk, expedited collections, lower administrative overhead, reduction in bad debt expense and more timely cash flow, which collectively all lead to increased business and profitability to help fund growth and re-investment.