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Feb 10

VoIP could reach 79% penetration in 3 years

VoIP has long been known for its cost savings; however unpredictable quality and reliability, as well as a lack of emergency systems compatibility, hindered its widespread adoption.  Over the last few years VoIP has matured and the issues of the past are now in its rear view mirror.


Based on a new report by In-Stat, by 2013 marketers can expect VoIP penetration to reach 79%, which is an almost 50% increase over 2009 numbers. Today about one-third (33%) of companies are using VoIP solutions and that number will only continue to grow.


In-Stat contributes this high adoption and cut-over to VoIP to cost savings.  "VoIP adopters have a good understanding of the cost savings associated with VoIP, and have oriented their limited budgets to optimizing efficiency and savings by replacing legacy TDM voice solutions,” said David Lemelin, In-Stat analyst, in the release.  Broadband IP Telephony revenue will also double by 2013, In-Stat said, fueled by single user applications as well as the mobile workforce.


While cost savings are a great benefit of VoIP, in time adopters will come to realize the other richer benefits of this technology such as high-fidelity (HD) voice, presence, unified communications, and greater subscriber control and mobility, which will only fuel its adoption.