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Sep 11

GotVoice and IVR Technologies partner to bring voicemail unification and transformation-to-text to communication providers

GotVoice, Inc., ( the voice messaging company and IVR Technologies (, a leading software developer of IP-based enhanced services and real-time billing solutions have partnered to bring voicemail unification and voicemail-to-text solutions to communication providers around the world. The companies' seamless integration makes it possible for service providers to integrate IVR's flagship product Talking SIP into GotVoice's G2 platform, and have Talking SIP's voicemail messages transcribed into text without requiring a change in carrier or caller behavior.

IVR Technologies will utilize G2, GotVoice's next-generation voicemail unification and transformation-to-text platform which boasts unparalleled accuracy and speed. G2's patented communications platform with advanced free-form speech recognition technologies is the first-of-its-kind to unify mobile, home, PBX, VoIP and IP-based PBX voice messages, allowing users to read their voicemail and listen to them as digital audio files via email, a mobile phone, or the Web.

"Our flagship product Talking SIP's core objectives are to drive revenue to the network and empower the end user, and through our integration with GotVoice's GT platform we have reinforced both of those initiatives," said Randall Walrond, VP of Product Management at IVR Technologies. "Based on Talking SIP's flexibility and the G2 architecture we were able to integrate with GotVoice quickly and seamlessly to develop a combined solution that allows service providers to further differentiate their offering while allowing their subscribers to more easily and effectively manage their communication."

IVR Technologies' advanced software platform combines five traditionally separate network elements - application, media, real-time billing, location/registration and Class 5 services - into a single, tightly integrated server for SIP-based voice-over-IP networks. Talking SIP is designed to drive revenue to the network by providing intelligent and in-demand applications that attract users and reduce turnover through innovative features, creative billing options, customizability and end-user empowerment.

"Our partnership with IVR Technologies demonstrates user demand for next-generation voicemail unification and product offerings," said Curt Blake, CEO of GotVoice. "Our current and prospective partners want to differentiate their offerings and provide a new wave of cutting-edge communications tools to their clientele. We are fortunate to be agile enough to work closely with companies like IVR Technologies to make this happen."

The GotVoice G2 platform is capable of supporting millions of users with its carrier-grade, high quality transcription engine built for scalability and capable of interoperating with all major voice and VoIP carriers. The solution has already accessed tens of millions of messages pulled from legacy voicemail servers including those of AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile and AllTel. With GotVoice, carriers have an economical and effortless method for delivering their subscribers' voicemail as both text and digital audio files via email, SMS, Web and API, creating additional revenue streams and increased data traffic. The GotVoice solution is available today to carriers and IP communications providers via OEM, APIs, White Label and Hosted Solutions.


GotVoice Corporate: Colin Lamont, 425-216-3585,
IVR Technologies Corporate: Barry Sher, 310-943-2721,
Press: Michael Ann Thomas, 206-264-8220,

About IVR Technologies:

IVR Technologies is an advanced software development company emerging as a leader in the SIP space for Voice over IP enhanced services and real-time billing.

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About GotVoice, Inc.:

A pioneer in the integration of voice messaging services, GotVoice ( enables the convergence of everyday voice into the digital world. Its patented communications platform empowers consumers and businesses to receive, consume and unify voice communications utilizing email clients, through their mobile phone interface or via the GotVoice Website. With popular features such as Voicemail-to-Text, Visual Voicemail, the ability to share voice messages as digital audio files and the unification of wireless, landline, PBX and VoIP voicemail, GotVoice makes seamless communication possible, anywhere. Founded in 2003 by industry veterans with backgrounds from RealNetworks, Microsoft, Starwave, AT&T and Corbis, GotVoice works with all major mobile, business and residential carriers.