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Sep 17

Webinar - Taking Advantage of Next Generation Services to Attract New Subscribers and Retain Existing Ones

The telecommunications industry is undergoing a fundamental shift as it migrates from circuit to IP-based switching. This profound change is resulting in more efficient network architectures, which result in lower administration and operating overheads. This change is leading to the democratization of telecommunication services as well as the commoditization of how they are provisioned and it offers greater functionality, control and breadth of services.
Next-generation services attract new subscribers and retain existing ones as they are designed around empowerment to increase customer loyalty while offering a broader range of integrated services that carry with them higher margins. By combining new or enhanced services with feature-rich interactive voice response and flexible real-time billing facilities, the service provider can now have the infrastructure necessary to build highly competitive, customer tailored valued-added services that allow for more creative and targeted marketing.
With the substantial market growth that industry research firms have forecasted, success will come to those providers who understand and appreciate the necessity of being able to offer value added services that can drive higher profitability into their network through architectural efficiencies, lower administrative overhead and in-demand and adaptable services.