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Oct 10

IVR Technologies and Digiquant Complete Integration for SIP-based VoIP Network Operator

The initial integration of the two products was done at the behest of a fast growing VoIP operator in Asia. Digiquant's IMS is a proven solution for historical telco postpaid billing services and real-time prepaid billing for H.323 based networks. Talking SIP adds seamless SIP protocol compatibility to the solution. This integration enables service providers to expand and grow their networks using a protocol that offers scalability, selection, broad interoperability, and extensibility for revenue generating services in telephony, instant messaging, and presence management

"Next-generation service providers need to differentiate themselves by offering subscribers value-added services that promote loyalty and use. The Talking SIP–IMS solution drives profitability from network usage while reducing the cost of business overhead for customer service and network management personnel," said Randall Walrond, Product Manager, IVR Technologies.

The combined Talking SIP-IMS solution enables operators to deploy advanced services and generate immediate revenues from SIP-based networks. In addition, service providers who have built their networks on H.323 and use Digiquant's IMS for service management and billing can now expand their networks using low and high density SIP devices that are all integrated into the same customer management database and web-based self service interface. This software-only solution requires no costly or proprietary DSPs or voice processing hardware, thus minimizing system costs and complexity while maximizing the return on investment.

Talking SIP is a robust and feature rich application that delivers real-time interactive voice prompting over RTP using the session initiation protocol (SIP). Talking SIP communicates with the IMS Server via the embedded Digiquant RADIUS for all authentication, authorization, and accounting services during a call session. Talking SIP provides the call management by separating the call control logic from the AAA services, thus leveraging the scalable, extensible architecture of IMS which handles all account, customer, rating and billing management.

The joint solution supports both real-time call control for AAA services as well as historical billing, mediation, and call accounting—all recognized strengths of the Digiquant IMS platform. Self-service account management is supported via the Digiquant web-based self-care interface.

Martin Kent Nielsen, vice president of sales, Digiquant Asia Pacific, said, "In the last year we have seen a growing interest in scalable SIP-based VoIP networks in Asia and other regions around the globe. The integration between IMS and Talking SIP will enable Digiquant's existing customers and prospects to cost-effectively extend their VoIP networks using SIP."

About IVR Technologies:

IVR Technologies is an advanced software development company emerging as a leader in the SIP space for Voice over IP enhanced services and real-time billing.

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About Digiquant:

Digiquant is a global provider of infrastructure software for supporting the delivery of services over advanced networks. Its IMS solution is a unique multi-service platform providing the integrated functional modules that enable service management, from network integration through billing. IMS enables service providers to be innovative, more efficient, and better positioned for growth. More than 70 major telecommunications companies and service providers use IMS worldwide to manage and bill for service delivery. More information can be found at