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Sep 26

IVR Technologies and VegaStream complete SIP Interoperability Testing for IVR and Real-time Billing in Next-generation VoIP Networks

IVR Technologies, an advanced software development company emerging as a leader in the SIP space for Voice over IP enhanced services and real-time billing, announced today that interoperability between its flagship product Talking SIP™ and the VoIP gateways from VegaStream, part of the Pace Micro Technology Group, has been successfully achieved.

While Voice over IP offers great cost savings, in the absence of a billing component there are no opportunities for cost recovery or revenue generation. The Talking SIP/Pace Vega 50/100 solution provides a complete end-to-end solution that allows ITSPs and carriers an opportunity to capitalize on Voice over IP while being able to build a sustainable business through revenue generating services.

Today's next generation service providers need to differentiate themselves by offering subscribers value added services that promote loyalty and use. The Talking SIP/ Pace Vega 50/100 solution offers a cost effective suite of revenue generating applications such as: prepaid calling cards; tandem switching; and 800/900 termination, that drive profitability and network minutes while reducing the cost of business overheads for customer service and network management personnel. With applications like voucher recharge and web based self-management, the Talking SIP/Pace Vega 50/100 solution empowers end users while increasing customer retention through continuity of service.

The solution supports both IVR and real-time call control for AAA services allowing traffic to originate via IP or the PSTN over T1, E1 or PRI-ISDN and be authenticated, authorized and rapidly terminated over an IP network to an IP or PSTN destination. The solution can facilitate PSTN over IP to PSTN as well as PC to Phone and Phone to PC applications using clients like Microsoft Messenger™ – all with real-time billing, call cut off and CDR generation.

"Integration with Talking SIP enables a powerful range of revenue generating services and billing options for companies using Pace's Vega gateways. AAA services are critical to the business of any operator, and Pace is pleased to work with leading vendors such as IVR Technologies to make these solutions available to our customers" said Andy Trott, divisional CEO for Pace.

About IVR Technologies:

IVR Technologies is an advanced software development company emerging as a leader in the SIP space for Voice over IP enhanced services and real-time billing.

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About Vegastream:

VegaStream is part of the Pace Micro Technology plc group, with a mission to develop world beating, low-cost high-performance voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) products based upon international communications standards.

Pace's Vega VoIP technology enables Network Operators to benefit from integrated telephony services that will protect their investment and enhance their business by providing a 'gateway' between traditional and 'new world' telecommunications. The company has received international accolades for its innovative engineering, resulting in sales to Japan, Finland and the USA.

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