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Oct 4

IVR Technologies Announces Real-time SIP Trunking Solution

IVR Technologies, Inc., a leading software developer of IP-based enhanced services and real-time billing solutions is pleased to announce the release of its real-time SIP Trunking module which seamlessly integrates with its award-winning Talking SIPTM platform, adding to its robust suite of innovative and revenue driving applications.


Utilizing Talking SIP's carrier grade and field proven tandem switching ability, the new Trunking Module is offered as a stand-alone solution, thus significantly reducing the cost of ownership and providing an unmatched return on investment (ROI).  The Trunking module enables next-generation Internet Telephony Service Providers (ITSPs) to provide Class 4 switching and termination services to the enterprise market at a much more cost-effective rate.  Enterprise customers are now realizing the phenomenal cost-savings, ï¬‚exibility, efficiency, and reliability that SIP Trunking offers their businesses and Talking SIP's new Trunking Module enables next-generation service providers to capitalize on this rapidly growing market opportunity.


The Trunking Module offers real-time authentication, authorization, rating, routing and billing to allow providers the flexibility to service a broad range of customers with the peace of mind that real-time safeguards are in place to combat fraud, eliminate receivables and minimize exposure with a solution that is field-proven, reliable, and  scalable.  With creative rules-based billing and support for third-party least cost routing (LCR) services the Trunking Module allows providers to create highly competitive plans that attract customers while being able to reduce costs and increase profit margins.  The Trunking Module also supports a release link trunking option to utilize Talking SIP's real-time authentication to validate the call and then transfer the call to another endpoint for actual termination and billing. 


"Demand for residential and business VoIP services continues to grow through the economic downturn because of the cost savings they provide. As a result, in 2008 the VoIP services market had healthy growth of 33% to $30.8 billion. For the first 3 months of 2009, service providers experienced an average of 40% to 50% year-over-year growth for IP Centrex, indicating the demand for outsourcing and managed solutions remains healthy. We expect hosted UC services to take off, with worldwide revenue doubling between 2009 and 2013, and we forecast SIP Trunking service revenue to hit an 89% compound annual growth rate from 2008 to 2013," said Diane Myers, Directing Analyst, Service Provider VoIP and IMS, Infonetics Research. 


"The popularity of SIP Trunking is driven just as much by the cost savings as the reduced physical and administrative resources, the almost instantaneous deployment time, the increased reliability as well as the tremendous flexibility and control that it provides.  All of these benefits align to create an extremely compelling solution for the enterprise and our new Trunking Module allows our customers to capitalize on this lucrative market while further increasing the value proposition of the Talking SIP platform," said Randall Walrond, vice-president of product management, IVR Technologies, Inc. 


About IVR Technologies

 IVR Technologies is an advanced software development company emerging as a leader in the SIP space for innovative, real-time SIP trunking, billing and enhanced services solutions.  For more information, please contact: IVR Technologies, 555 West Fifth Street, 30th Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90013; +1 866.856.0301 or visit .  Email: