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Oct 5

IVR Technologies Teams with Voxbone to Provide Global Real-time SIP Trunking Solution

IVR Technologies, Inc., a leading software developer of IP-based enhanced services and real-time billing solutions, and Voxbone, a leading provider of telephone numbers to communications service providers and businesses worldwide, have teamed to provide local, 800, and iNum® access to IVR Technologies' award-winning Talking SIPTM enhanced services platform and its real-time SIP Trunking services.

Talking SIP's real-time SIP Trunking module gives next-generation network operators the ability to provision inbound and/or outbound virtual trunks to its customers with fractional configurations for cost-effective access/termination, single-number granularity for capacity throttling and routing, and real-time AAA services to maximize revenue while minimizing risk.  The Voxbone local, 800 and iNum services, when coupled with the Talking SIP solution, allow for the delivery of consumer and enterprise-level enhanced services that transcend geographic boundaries, providing local presence and identity.

The Trunking Module offers real-time authentication, authorization, rating, routing and billing to allow providers the flexibility to service a broad range of customers with the comfort and assurance that real-time safeguards are in place to combat fraud, eliminate receivables and minimize exposure with a solution that is field-proven, reliable and scalable.  With creative rules-based billing and support for third-party, least-cost routing (LCR) services, the Trunking Module allows providers to create highly competitive plans that attract customers while reducing costs and increasing profit margins.  The Trunking Module also supports a release-link trunking option to utilize Talking SIP's real-time authentication to validate the call and then transfer the call to another endpoint for termination and billing.

"With access to our DIDs and origination network built into Talking SIP, IVR Technologies' operator customers have a complete, quick-response solution," said Rod Ullens, Voxbone CEO. "They also have global inbound coverage through one SIP trunk."

"Teaming with Voxbone brings significant value to our customers through a rich set of local, 800 and iNum access and provisioning capabilities, allowing for the delivery of SIP trunking and enhanced services from all around the world with in-country presence and identity. In today's competitive landscape, carriers need to enhance their retail, enterprise and wholesale service offerings with infrastructure that delivers these services reliably and in a proven, scalable and field-hardened configuration," said Barry Sher, vice-president of business development, IVR Technologies, Inc. "This solution provides this, without physical limitations or geographic boundaries." 

About IVR Technologies

 IVR Technologies is an advanced software development company emerging as a leader in the SIP space for innovative, real-time SIP trunking, billing and enhanced services solutions.  For more information, please contact: IVR Technologies, 555 West Fifth Street, 30th Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90013; +1 866.856.0301 or visit  Email: 

About Voxbone

Headquartered in Brussels, Belgium, Voxbone provides worldwide local and toll-free phone numbers over its own private intercontinental VoIP network - the world's first and largest backbone dedicated to voice-origination services. The all-IP architecture of the Voxbone core network enables customers to rapidly deploy new communications services with local presence while reducing costs. It delivers high-quality call origination from 50 countries and more than 4,000 cities, as well as iNum® numbers that enable billing as local calls when dialed through participating carriers anywhere in the world. Through its number inventory, network, self-administered provisioning and comprehensive SIP adherence, Voxbone's global infrastructure enables its customers to expand to international markets quickly and efficiently. Founded in 2005 and privately held, Voxbone is the only carrier licensed in all 27 countries of the European Union. For more information, visit