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Sep 10

IVR Technologies' Customer Warsun Communications Featured in SIPWorld! Magazine

SIPWorld! Magazine, a Novoscape publication focused solely on next generation VoIP networks using the SIP protocol, has published a feature article on an IVR Technologies' customer who is building out their infrastructure in Africa along with its' customer base.

The article provides a case study of a real-world deployment showing the opportunity that exists in underdeveloped continents that have poor teledensities using a next generation protocol like SIP. With multiple vendors' products that are typically required to make up a unified solution, the SIP protocol provides the common link between all of these applications while providing the shortest time to market. The article goes on to discuss the centralized network architecture that can be achieved with SIP and how in deregulating and newly formed markets this can be invaluable.

Talking SIP from IVR Technologies, was the critical application that unified multiple vendors' products into a cohesive network solution with state of the art enhanced services and real time billing that permitted traffic to be originated in Africa using an Internet access device, transported over a satellite based IP network that was terminated in the U.S. for authentication and authorization and termination.

About IVR Technologies:

IVR Technologies is an advanced software development company emerging as a leader in the SIP space for Voice over IP enhanced services and real-time billing.

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