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Mar 1

So you want to be an MVNE?

Mobile Virtual Network Enablers (MVNEs) are instrumental in providing the backbone necessary to rapidly launch an MVNO brand with the least amount of financial investment. An MVNO who leverages the infrastructure of an MVNE is commonly called a “Light MVNO”, as that MVNO does not need to invest in nor manage any of their own infrastructure.

The MVNE infrastructure is architected to support multiple MVNOs which helps the MVNE achieve economies of scale, and the hosted MVNOs collectively benefit from the MVNE’s market experience.  The MVNE needs to take into consideration the investment required for infrastructure, the time and acumen required to cultivate MNO relationships, and the staffing required to manage the network.

Below are some critical MVNE Platform features that an MVNE should consider in order to deliver a best-in-class network facility and the core services necessary to attract and retain MVNO customers. These features serve as the foundation upon which the MVNOs will build their brand and will help to position the MVNE and their MVNO customers for market success.

SIM Management

  • SIM provisioning
  • Bulk SIM upload
  • Multiple SIM profile management and assignment
  • Account status provisioning
  • SIM provisioning in the HLR
  • SIM activation and deactivation schedules
  • SIM-specific notification control

Service Differentiation

  • Domestic mobile and international global roaming
  • Multi-IMSI voice, data and SMS services
  • OTT voice, video and messaging services
  • Mobile and VoIP origination and termination services
  • M2M services for the Internet of Things (IoT)

Billing Flexibility

  • Real-time prepaid, postpaid and credit-limited billing subscriber account types
  • Multiple voice, data and SMS bundles per subscriber account
  • Billing plans based on time of day and day of week
  • Multi-tiered billing
  • Inbound and outbound billing
  • Rating based on thresholds
  • Real-time CDR creation and availability
  • Surcharging
  • Mobile charge plans and schedules

Network Routing

  • Host and home based routing for origination and termination over VoIP for cost reduction and redundancy
  • Least cost routing
  • On-net to off-net, off-net to on-net and on-net to on-net routing

Network Signaling

  • USSD
  • SS7
  • SIP


  • Secure and tiered customer service access based on job role and MVNO
  • Full subscriber account look up, management and call/billing history
  • USSD messaging capabilities for promotions and service messages
  • Robust reporting for accounts and account groups
  • Customer service rep screen for account debits/credits and processing via e-commerce
  • Full user audit trail reporting  
  • APIs for MVNO web presence integration

MNO Relationship

  • Wholesale voice, data and SMS pricing
  • Roaming agreements
  • Global Title and IMSI management
  • Signaling 

IVR Technologies, Inc. welcomes the opportunity to discuss the MVNE model and how our Talking SIP™ Mobility converged services and real-time billing platform is the right solution for your business.

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